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Deviant Fridays - Miguel Mercado

Deviant Fridays returns!  This week is Miguel Mercado a character illustrator from the Philippines who does work that sometimes looks like Rockwell taking a peek at the 80s.

He works as a cover artist for IDW and several other comic companies.

Quick Update

Good Evening everyone!  This is a quick update to say that I am working on a few small projects for Swords & Wizardry and 5e.  These projects are similar to some of the Patreon exclusive "1 Sheet" adventures I did a few years back.  The 1 Sheet adventures are similar to AAW's mini-dungeons in that they'll be available for print and set up so that they can be three-hole punched and added to a binder or organizer.

Like the ones I did for Patreon these are meant to be settingless, opening them up to work in any fantasy (or potentially paranormal/urban fantasy) setting.  The digital ones will link to the respective system's SRD for stats as well as list location in print copy ... so i.e. Goblin (MM|5e 165) for quick reference.  These adventures will typically be location-based and either using a licensed commercial map like the one's Dyson just released or from Mapforge once the commercial license goes live.
Pricing point will be about the same as the AAW st…

Review - Tim Snider's Burial Plots for Cryptworld

Tim Snider is one of the creators in the small-press scene I absolutely love.  He is a great guy, a wonderful editor, and his work has long been something I have been a fan of.  From his Deviant Database books (here and hereaff) full of wonderful post-apocalyptic creatures for Mutant Future and Labyrinth Lord to his official work for Goblinoid Games he never fails to impress me with his wit and imagine.  With that in mind, I was very surprised and happy to see an addition to the horror system that Tim helms for Goblinoid on RPGNow earlier this week.

Burial Plots (aff) is a 52-page supplement for Cryptworld (aff) using the Pacesetter system and features five adventures of the strange and macabre.  As per the listing on RPGNow:

Condition Critical Dr. Howard Eastman has called a press conference at his remote research facility to announce a medical breakthrough that will “eradicate human illness and suffering forever.” But what if the cure proves to be worse than the disease?
Unquenchable T…

Sword & Wizardry {OSR} Optional Rules - Threshold Save

The following is a Snippet from before the quiet time of the Desolation of the Pyramid.



Threshold is a character's ability to fight back the chilling grasp of Death and stop herself from crossing the Threshold of Life and Death.

When a character dies she rolls the Saving Throw for her class with a modifier equal to the amount of negative HP she currently has. If, however, the character's HP is - 10 or lower there is no way to stave off Death except through magical or divine decree.

A character who makes her Saving Throw is alive but too weak to do anything except basic functions for 1d6 hours and takes a 2 session hindrance from a table percentage table I never created.

Barbie the Barbarian has 6hp and is struck for 12 placing her at - 6.  As a 4th level Fighter she has a Saving Throw of 11.  Not yet ready to die, the Barbarian spits a curse to her cruel gods and fights against her death. B…