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Magic Item - Arcane Gauntlet

Arcane Gauntlets are small devices of leather and copper fitted to the wearer's primary hand and feature a small, thin gem imbued with pure arcane energies affixed to the palm. As a standard action the wearer of an Arcane Gauntlet may release its energies up to four times in a single encounter safely, and up to eight times if the wearer is willing to endure the burning residual heat from sustained use of the device.  If an Arcane Gauntlet is used to its maximum effect (eight times) it is inoperable until such a time as its wearer takes a long rest.
Arcane Gauntlet- Rare Magical Item - Requires Atunement - Ranged Magical Weapon - Range 60/120ft - One Target, Hit 6 (1d6 + 2) Arcane Damage - Special After 4 uses the Gauntlet inflicts 2 Arcane damage on its wearer during every use in an encounter, on the 8th such use the wearer incurs 1d6 damage from the gauntlet's use.

Deviant Friday's - All of Time and Space by Qinni

Qinni is a traditional and mixed media artist hailing from our chilly northern sister, Canada.

Thunder Rift - Assault on Raven's Ruin

I have never made it a secret that Thunder Rift was one of my favorite settings for Basic edition D&D. I've gone as far as bugging the good folks over at Save or Die to do some reviews on the early 90s settings (to a response of a resounding no).  Much of my love for Thunder Rift didn't start with the Thunder Rift Box Set but with a very small stand alone adventure entitled "Assault on Raven's Ruin" which was part of a collection of ratty, not very well cared for, adventures I picked up for $2 at a garage sale in the mid 2007.

At the time I wasn't into the OSR so the adventure like everything else in that box of goodies set untouched until around 2013 when - after I was thoroughly indoctrinated into the OSR - I found the box while collecting things to give to Good Will.  I read the adventure several times, added the town of Kline to the northern shores of the Azure Marsh (Oh don't worry it will eventually show up in an adventure), and ran the kids th…

A Note on Expansion

One of the things that has been holding PotLK back has been expanding it.
The Old Entry:
Baleful Construct

<I>A towering figure rising from sands as if waking from a long nap.  Eldritch green light crackles from its joints and seams.  It turns its head toward you disgorging a wave of sand and debris as it opens a craggy maw, releasing a thunderous torrent of inhuman sound and eldritch light that washes over the everything in its path.  With slow, deliberate steps it begins to move North. Without knowing exactly why, you all know in the deepest pits of your gut that the creature is heading toward Basq.</i>
The Baleful Construct is immune to all mundane and magical attacks, becoming merely annoyed at the later. It cannot be stopped by traditional means and instead must have its power cores (located on the head) removed.
The New Entry:

Baleful Construct