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Briggian Werewolves and the Eldritch Shadows

Recently my library 4e game "The World" ended with the characters discovering what was causing the glitches in the game world while at the same time breaching the main server farm in the real world. The ending was bitter sweet as Carlos, Remy, and Cher were trapped in the game world while Carlos' in game elf lover, Myr, and Remy's soul-partner, the pseudo-dragon Krynn, were dataported and trapped in the real world. The players hope to revisit the 4e game someday, and some talk has already been given over to travelling to Ireland and trying to access the original server farm to rescue Carlos' group.

Starting next Sunday though the library group starts a new game ... again run by me (under protest, mind you!). This time around I've gotten them to agree to play my OSR modern game "Eldritch Shadows". Given the stereotypical make-up of my group (2/3rds female and middle-aged ... remember I said stereotypical, I am poking fun at myself and my group) I was unsurprised when, after explaining what Eldritch Shadows is, the reaction was one of "Oh like Mercy Thompson!". Thankfully, I am a fan of Patrica Brigg's work, so I knew what they were talking
about and soon planning was underway with character creation over skype and discussions on where the game will take place.

Oddly enough the library game will be taking place in the same area as all my existing (and upcoming) Elritch Shadows adventures ... Pennsylvania, and take place after "Fair Game" but before the events of "River Marked". The group consists of a Lone Wolf werewolf, a Human White Witch, and two mortal cops dealing with a group of Irish Fey who claim the Appalachian Mountain Range as originally belonging to them before Continental drift.

This set-up has given me two problems: 1. how the hell to handle how Witch Born magic works in Mercy-verse, and 2. how the hell to handle werewolf characters as they're presented in the Mercy-verse. So ... werewolves first.

Adam by Frvn-art
1. No matter their profession, skill level, etc the Briggian Werewolf follows the "Street-Thug" progression track.
2. Transformation to and from wolf-form is a painful and long process requiring a successful Constitution SR and three turns. Should an SR be failed the Briggian Werewolf is "locked" into their current form for a number of hours equal to 1d20 + 4.
3. In situations of high emotions the Briggian Werewolf must succeed an Intelligence SR or lose themselves to the wolf for 1d6 turns.
4. For every day a Briggian Wolf remains in wolf shape he or she must succeed an Intelligence SR with a negative modifier equal to the number of days within wolf shape. After three failures, the Briggian Wolf has "lost him-or-her-self to the wolf" and will be hunted by the Enforcer.
5. Whenever there is a full moon, the Briggian Wolf must succeed
an Intelligence SR or become "moon called" and "loose themselves to the wolf".
6. While in wolf shape a Briggian Wolf regains hit points equal to 1 every three hours. However, if the Briggian Wolf attempts to shift while injured there is a 3 in 6 chance of further injury in the form of 1d6 additional damage.
7. Silver-based objects (weapons, poisons, etc) deal double damage, any silver that remains in the body (shrapnel, shavings, poison) deal an additional 1d6 damage every hour and inflict a negative 4 modifier to all rolls until removed.
8. While in wolf shape one of the following ability scores increases by 4 (Strength, Dexterity, Constitution) and all sense-based Wisdom SR Checks receive a +2 modifier.


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