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Patreon Supported Adventures - Incursion of the Horeshead Nebula

Good morning folks! Today marks the first Patreon supported adventure in the overly long month of May! This one-page romp is inspired by the classic Universal film The Last Starfighter and is suitable for players of any level. If you would like to help support the creation of free adventures and one-page romps please visit my Patreon page.

Incursion of the Horsehead Nebula

A White Star Compatible Star-Pilot Romp for 4 - 6 players


Outside the known universe a war rages between the forces of the Void and a Rag-tag alliance known as the Remnant. The Remnant, the last survivors of universes destroyed and consumed by the Void. Our universe is the last in a once sprawling multiverse and with its end so to does everything else. In the black between planes of existence the Remnant fight to secure and destroy the Void Incursion Gates into our universe … sometimes, just sometimes, a few humans those with skill tested through an innocent looking game known as Space Gauntlet are recruited as Star Pilots to help fight for the survival of the Final Universe.
In Star Pilot is recommended that the players choose human characters, however, due to the nature of the Multiverse-that-Was a player can choose any race from any existing Whitebox supplement book allowed by the Referee.


The Void has created an Incursion Gate deep within the Horsehead Nebula. Remnant Command is planning a two-pong attack on the Gate one from the Final Universe and one from Outside. While the attack on the Outside will be made up of the bulk of Remnant ships a small assault team, bolstered by two Slip-Ships, will assault the Incursion Gate from the Horsehead Nebula. The horsehead side of the Gate is guarded by 8 Sentinels and 4 Drones.

The Adventure

Whether from Earth or from one of the Remnant colony ships in the Outside the players have been picked up and are now abroad the Slip-Ship Cadre-66. The three day journey to the Incursion site has been relatively boring, only broken up by simulation training and nightly crew bonding exercises.
At the start of the adventure each of the players are jacked into a virtual reality space simulation of how the top brass think the upcoming battle will go.

Referee Note: If you are feeling like creating a more cinematic beginning do not inform the players that they are in a simulation, cut right to the action, getting their blood pumping and their minds used to working together in a space dog-fight before the actual dog-fighting beginning.

Training Day

The brilliant reds and purples of the forming stars and the matter of life wash over your small ships, bathing everything in a light show only ever seen in dreams. A klick or so before your ships, like a scar within those heavenly clouds,an Incursion Gate glows. Before any of you even have a chance to adjust your helmets sensors go off as four Drones begin to approach from port and starboard.

Simulation Drones (4) – AC 4[15]; HP 20; SS 3; MV 20; Tar +2; ATK 4d6 (Laser Cannons); HDE/XP 5/240; MOD FTL Drive

After the battle a real alarm begins to go off as a too-calm female voice announces “enemy ships inbound … all Pilots to Bay.” The players are forcible withdrawn from the program, requiring a Saving Throw to resist being sickened for 10 minutes.

Assault on Cadre-66

The Training Bay is near the Pilot Bay, however, as the players are moving toward it the ship comes under attack and begins to rock and buck, requiring a Saving Throw at least twice (but as many times as the Referee calls for it) for the players to keep their feet. At some point between the the Training Bay and the Pilot Bay, Cadre-66 is boarded by Void forces and begins to be overrun. The female voice calls over the radio from the ship to be evacuated, and while the players are moving toward the Pilot Bay a male voice, the Captain, will contact them personally and insist they complete the mission at all costs. While traveling to the Pilot Bay the players have a 4 out of 6 chance of encountering the following enemies once:

Phages (4) – AC 6[13]; HP 3, 2, 3, 1; ATK Laser Pistols (1d6+2); THB +0; MV 6; HDE/XP <1/10

Once to the Pilot Bay the players will find that the area is in disarray and that the launchers have been blocked by debris. The remaining crew is franticly trying to clear the debris but have come under attack by two squads Void soldiers.

Phages (6) – AC 6[13]; HP 3, 2, 3, 1, 2, 3; ATK Laser Pistols (1d6+2); THB +0; MV 6; HDE/XP <1/10
Noble Phage – AC 5 [14]; HP 12; ATK Laser Pistol (1d6+2): THB +2; MV 8; HDE/XP 2/30

Whether the players helped clear the launchers or defended the Bay after the battle the launchers are good to go allowing the players to launch and start the assault on the Incursion Gate.

Incursion Gate

Moments after the players launch from Cadre-66 the ship is lost in an explosion of blinding white light.  Leaving the Remnant with only one Slip-Ship to back the player led assault.

Drones (4) – AC 4[15]; HP 20, 18, 22, 25; SS 3; MV 20; Tar +2; ATK 4d6 (Laser Cannons); HDE/XP 5/240; MOD FTL Drive
Sentinels (2) – AC 5 [14]; HP 65, 80; SS 8; MV 6; Tar +2; ATK Laser Cannons x8(4d6), Proton Missiles x2 (8d6), Ion Charges x4 (2d6); HDE/XP 14/2,600; MOD Automated Weapons, Ion Charge, FTL, Proton Missiles, Shield Capacitor
Slip-Ship – AC 5 [14]; HP 200; SS 20; MV 20; Tar +3; ATK Heavy Laser x20 (6d6), Ion Charge x8 (2d6)
Incursion Gate – AC 3 [16]; HP 30; HDE 2/30

The Drones will target the players while the two Sentinels will focus their attention on the Slip-Ship until it is destroyed. Once the Gate is destroyed the Drones and Sentinels will lose all power as a connection to the Incursion Gate was the true power source.

Concluding the Adventure

Depending on the course of the battle the players may not have a place to dock their ships. However, before things become dire transport and medical ships from the Remnant “pop” into the Final Universe to conduct search and rescue. The players will be quickly picked up and receive a heroes welcome.


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