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Eldritch Shadows - Vampires

I am currently writing a new adventure for Eldritch Shadows featuring a staple of the Modern Fantasy/Paranormal Genre: The Vampire. Thoughts and feedback are always welcome.

Vampires have existed since the dawn of time. As the He created all life in the universe the Adversary sought to counter and corrupt His creations. The Vampire was the first, but mostly certainly not the last. As humans basked and grew in the light of day the Adversary children sought and controlled the night. As humans where made in His image the Vampire was a dark parody of that image; a sickness, and hunger brought forth from the depths of humanity. The Adversary sought to create a predator to hunt, to tempt, to seduce, to rend, to tear, and to destroy. However, while the Adversary sought to slap Him in the face, sought to make a mockery of His creations, one thing was overlooked: free-will.

Free-will still existed and while the Adversary still had a margin of influence and control on his creations they fled and sought their own pleasures, their own delights, and their own truths. In the end, they still thrive, multiple, and fulfill the command of their father, but not as the Adversary wished and so much slower than ever desired.

Before the Now
It was the vampires who first went into hiding, long before the creatures of nightmare and shadows. During the time of the first enlightenment. when men like DaVinci where hunting them and bring the Shadows into the light, the first Enclave was formed and new havens and hunting grounds where sought. Decades before Columbus the Enclave of Bincheno Gioveni landed on the shores of what would become Cuba and from there the vampires spread throughout South America, slowly overtaking culture after culture, turning the leaders, priests, and headmen to their darkness. Large swathes of the Americas became footholds of the Shadows in this time slowly marking the way for the dark and selfish desires of explorers to come. Only the tribes of the North American plains could face the Enclave, but as the colonization of the Americas took place the power of the plains tribes began to falter and soon the Enclave gained a foothold in North America.

That foot-hold was short lived, with the second enlightenment of the American Revolution the Vampires found themselves again thrown back into the shadows. However, they retained some measure of power in the American South and in the nations being born out of the ashes of South America.

The Now

The Enclave is strong, its businesses, law firms and political connections both in the light and in the Shadows are the strongest the world has ever seen. One out of Five CEO in a Fortune 500 company is a Vampire of at least minor nobility, with enough resources and power to sway governments to their whims. The seat of the Enclave still resides in South America, in the shimmering towers of Rio di Janeiro. Bincheno Gioveni still heads the Enclave, moving pieces across a world board and unknowingly broadening the foothold of the Shadows.   


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