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Dungeons & Dragons 3.5 Players Handbook now available on OBS

This morning, to little fanfare, Wizards of the Coast released a pdf of their most popular version of Dungeons & Dragons on Drivethrurpg. This is the first time a non-basic rules book (B/X, Rules Cyclopedia, BECMI) has been released to pdf through OBS since WotC lost their fear of the digital market two-years ago.

This release could mean a number of different things. The most hopeful is that WotC has finally fully embraced the digital market and gotten over their fear that all pdfs will be sold once and than pirated ten billion times. The other is that the sales for the collector's editions that have trickled out over the last two-years have finally begun to slump and WotC is looking for a new revenue resource for its older material.  Personally, I think it is a bit of both. The overwhelming success of the Elemental Evil Player's Guide on OBS has shown that the market isn't only there but utterly enthusiastic. My only hope is that the EEPG's print-on-demand success …

New Lulu Store

We now have a Lulu store front! I'm hoping to get all our products up by week's end, but for now just the last two are available in pdf and print!

Here's the link:

MEPAcon Post 1 - The Coming of the Night Train

Just finished the first game of the con with +Reese Laundry and others. We were supposed to run "Rock of Saint Giles" for +Matt Finch's "Swords & Wizardry" but instead ran through my BasicModern/Eldritch Shadows adventure "The Coming of the Night Train". What an amazing time!

The adventure started out with the characters not together, and the Priest character "Father Bill" getting a letter from a former patient at a local asylum telling him that a bunch of murders in the town he lived in where demonic in nature. Soon Father Bill was forced to call in some associates, the Thug "Bobo" and the Council Mage "Bill" after both his and other Bill's phones called one another.

The players were awesome and took the adventure in some very unexpected directions, completely bypassing some sections of the adventure and getting into some neat exploration of the haunted train station. Near the end of the adventure after the &quo…

BasicModern/Eldritch Shadows pre-gens

Getting ready to head out to MEPAcon. Here are some of the pre-gens for the "Night Train is Coming" Game I'll be running for the fore-coming Eldritch Shadows paranormal modern Swords & Wizardry Supplement I've been making in my spare time.

Frigga's Chosen to receive full release

For the last three days I've been working on cleaning-up, editing, and doing some other things to the adventure "Frigga's Chosen" for release as a 5next product on OBS. Frigga's Chosen was one of the first 5e exclusive Usarm adventures I did and I have always been rather proud of it. It is also my most shared free adventure appearing on EN World, The Evil GM, and a bunch of other sites in their lists of 5e products and must plays.

For the pdf release not much is changing from the main adventure. As it stands the adventure is approximately 7 pages of pure text. I am planning on increasing this to 10 plus included monster stats, magical item stats and so on as well as an increased random encounter table and some more information on Orus and Frigga.

What's more the adventure will be released on OBS as a Fantasy Grounds module as well for about $1.50 which will also be the price of the pdf file!

And to anyone wondering, yes, if you are a backer of Pyramid of the …

Monday-s Workload

So outside the normal Monday work of cleaning, cooking, bathing children, and church meetings I have a nice load of gaming work as well.

Hmmm ... wonder what this could mean.

I'm also done one of the two add-on adventures for Pyramid of the Lost King and even got the map for its "dungeon" already from +MonkeyBlood Design! So outside of the above I will be trying to focus my writing today on some of my patreon adventures which I am horribly behind on and get the planning underway for the next segment of Pyramid's additions. This all means that barring anymore personal/home life issues I can get everything underway to the rest of the crew.

MEPAcon Schedule is a Go!

Spring MEPAcon is in just a two weeks! My schedule of GM events has been pushed to the registration site for player sign-ups! If any of you will be in the Scranton, PA area and like to attend, I can be found on Friday and Saturday running the following:

1400-1800 The Night Train is Coming - Swords & Wizardry Modern Supplement
Description: The bodies of missing teenagers have been found on the outskirts of the small town of Albany, PA. Two males, two females, all carved up like Halloween pumpkins. The FBI has been called in and believe it the work of a serial killer. Local drunk and guardian of one of the murdered girls, Jacob Greely, thinks different ... he thinks something more sinister is afoot and hires a group of private investigators to find out what is happening. The Coming of the Night Train is a paranormal investigation adventure in the modern world using the Swords & Wizardry OSR system as its base. Characters will be provided for play.Saturday:
0900-1300 Pyramid…

Fantasy Grounds 5e - First Impressions.

Yesterday Smiteworks, makers of the premiere Virtual Tabletop (VTT) application Fantasy Grounds (FG) announced that they had acquired the licence to carry WOTC's Dungeons and Dragons line on the platform. This is an amazing when for the gaming community. While other VTTs are freely accessible to all,none give the experience or user-friendliness that is offered by FG. The crew at Smiteworks often interacts with the community through both G+ and through their forums and has a wonderful reputation of updating and revising the program to increase the level of user-friendliness.

I've been legally using Fantasy Grounds since around 2010 with a lite license that has been slowly upgraded over time to become a Full License. I was introduced to the VTT back in 2006 when I was attending college and thought it better to play D&D 3.5 with Army buddies instead of paying attention in my 400 level Shakespeare class. As I said above the changes in the program and the fine tuning have been …

5e Creatures - The Neverborn

The Neverborn are creatures created from the psychic echoes of those who – for whatever reason – never got the chance to live. The Neverborn are hateful creatures who abhor life and happiness and who wish to cause pain, misery, and death.
Neverborn “haunt” places most frequented by children and latch onto an especially happy or loved child. After the Neverborn has chosen its victim it sets to work turning the child's happy life to one of pain and misery. Unfortunately only the haunted child can see the Neverborn and any attempts by the child to reveal the foul creature end up back firing on the child causing him or her to become more isolated and further destroying the once happy life he or she had.
Neverborn Medium Undead
Armor Class 18 Hit Points 300 Speed 30 ft.
STR -4 DEX +4 CON +5 INT +6 WIS 0 CHA -3
Damage Immunities – cold, necrotic, poison Damage Resistance – acid, fire, lightning, thunder, bludgeoning, piercing, and slashing from non-magical weapons Condition Immunitie…

Patreon Supported Adventures - The Teeth

Journey Through the Teeth Disclaimer This Adventure serves as a world set-up for a longer sea-based adventure that I have been writing for the patron for the last month. Since March has been rather quite I needed something to get out and this is that. While “The Remains” is firmly White Box, “The Teeth” is system neutral and can be readily plugged into any system that you feel appropriate. Adventure Background Trade between the Western and Eastern Holdings of the Lummin Empire is tightly controlled through the Golden Tradeways. A causeway along the warm currents of the ocean's mid-lines that is patrolled by the Empire's Navy. For years smugglers and Merchant's down on their lucnal use.k have search for other options to get their goods between the Holdings, however, the Northern and Southern passages a semi-regularly frozen to solid ice and hold the dangers of the mystical Albatross. Now though, a Pirate name Bulis thinks he has discovered a way. Through …