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House Rules - Assist Rules for Dungeon

Teala the cleric had done it. After facing the various trials of the upper levels she was now secure in the knowledge that she and she alone stood before the dank warrens of the 5th level of the twisted dungeons of the fell Necromancers of Klean. Taking a breath she pushed open the large double doors and nearly gagged. The scent of fetid blood and offal assaulted her delicate elven nose and worse the sounds of the dying retched things on the tables made her want to weep. She whispered out a prayer to Erathis and stepped through the door only to be thrown back into the hallway by a hand of unseen force. 

Looking up, the young Cleric (really still new to her robes) saw the twisted gray witch step out from around an Iron Maiden. "You dare come into my home, priestling?!" Energy began to crackle between the witch's fingers. 

"Shit." Teala whispered in a very un-cleric-like fashion.

... and then my wife turned to me, eyes wide. "How the hell can I beat her! I need an 11! An 11!"  I looked at the level 5 monster card and verified that, yes, an 11 was needed for a Cleric to defeat the creature. "I did warn you that Cleric's were best suited to levels 2 through 4 ..." I point to where it says so on the board. My wife gives me a look that promises that birthday or not I will be sleeping on the sofa should I continue down my current path.

"Okay, okay ..." I say looking at the board and see that our daughter is a few tiles over. "You can call for help!" She looks at me. "I'm a game writer, damn-it, I can make up rules if I want!" She continues the pointed look.

The House Rules:
Basically in any Chamber (that would be the big rooms) a player can request the assistance of any other single player within distance (5 or less tiles) of them. If the other player agrees she automatically moves to the same chamber as the requesting player.

Once both players are in the chamber the encounter proceeds as in the rules as written. However, the assisting player may add one additional die result to the assisted player's attack.

example: Teala the Clearic calls for aid and is answered by Barbie the Fighter. Teala attacks rolling a 5 and a 3 for a total of 8. Barbie then rolls a 5 and adds it to Teala's total for a 13. Together they defeat the Witch.

After combat any treasure won is split evenly by the two players and both now start their next turn in their current location.


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