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House Rules - Assist Rules for Dungeon

Teala the cleric had done it. After facing the various trials of the upper levels she was now secure in the knowledge that she and she alone stood before the dank warrens of the 5th level of the twisted dungeons of the fell Necromancers of Klean. Taking a breath she pushed open the large double doors and nearly gagged. The scent of fetid blood and offal assaulted her delicate elven nose and worse the sounds of the dying retched things on the tables made her want to weep. She whispered out a prayer to Erathis and stepped through the door only to be thrown back into the hallway by a hand of unseen force. 

Looking up, the young Cleric (really still new to her robes) saw the twisted gray witch step out from around an Iron Maiden. "You dare come into my home, priestling?!" Energy began to crackle between the witch's fingers. 

"Shit." Teala whispered in a very un-cleric-like fashion.

... and then my wife turned to me, eyes wide. "How the hell can I beat her! I nee…

Quick Note - Cyber-running in the Eldritch Shadows

A few weeks ago I was lamenting the fact that while I love the setting and style of Shadowrun I dislike the system. To me it is overly complex and while I've attempted several times to learn it I have failed (I own 2nd, 4th and 5th editions). during this lamenting +Frank Turfler brought up the idea of "converting" S&W or LL to Shadowrun. Good idea and one, as the picture shows I took seriously.

So in addition to Eldritch Shadows there will be a smaller appendix heading down this route. IT is not my intention to ape Shadowrun with this appendix but to distill the style (as in fashion) of the game and implement it into the Eldritch Shadows supplement for Swords & Wizardry.

So far I have a single page of steno-book notes (seriously if anyone ever wants to get me a present get me steno-books, I love those things!) relating to this idea to which I will share now. (Note this is a pure transcription)

Races: Core Swords & Wizardry + Half-Orc (S&W Barakas) and new…