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Patreon Supported Adventures - Gates of Usarm 1PR

Adventure Background
The Mage Academy in Coralius has uncovered the entrance to an ancient Usarm structure west of the Village of Hornburg. The only problem is a group of Goblins, one of the last dark races to appear after the Usarm-Nz'i war, has claimed the area for themselves and are violently opposed to any outsiders, especially mages, from entering their land. The party is hired by the Mage's academy to secure the entrance to the structure and break the Goblin Blockade of the area.

Scene 1 - Goblin Blockade Camp
This small camp is isolated from the main Goblin camp. If the players spend the time to investigate. They'll find that the goblins send a messenger to the main camp every 24 hours. The turn around for this messenger is 4 hours. Besides the runner there are 8 other Goblins in the camp as well as a Hobgoblin Overseer. 
Gertifx - A young and cowardly Goblin but a fast runner. Gertifx will swear allegiance to whoever he fears the most ... or who pays him well enough. It is possible to take Gertifx on as an untrustworthy retainer for 2 gp a week.

Goblins (8)- HP 3, 2, 1, 4, 6, 3, 5, 4; AC 7[12]; ATK Weapon (1d6) ST 18; MV 9; Al C; CL/XP; B/10; SPC -1 to-hit in direct sunlight.

Hobgoblin - HP 7; AC 5[14]; ATK Weapon (1d8); ST 17; MV 9; Al C; CL/XP; 1/15 

If the goblins are defeated and the messenger either killed or not bribed, a force of 40 goblins with 5 hobgoblin masters will descend on the blockade camp in 24 hours time. 

Scene 2 - Entrance to the Usarm Structure.
the moss covered blocks of huge brown stone wrap around the edge of the hillside. The cracked black stone normal of most Usarm ruins lay cluttered with debris and centuries of growth. Before the large, solid metal gates stand two statues of a robed woman, her features elongated and angular. In her outstretched hand is a small globe with metal thin fibres encircling it like rings. As the players approach the entrance the they will notice thin wispy tendrils of spider-webbing along the tops of the wall and the backs of the statues. If the players approach the gate a chittering sound will explode from the top of the wall directly above them and with a rumbling crashing something large and heavy lands on the ground behind them. Moments later several other similar, yet lesser, crashes shake the ground. 

Spider, Giant (Lesser) (2) - HP 4, 3; AC 8[11]; ATK Bite (1hp+poison); ST 17; Mv 9; Al N; CL/XP 3/60; SPC Poison (+2 save or die)
Spider, Giant - HP 16; AC 6[13]; ATK Bite (1d6 + poison); ST 16; MV 18; AL N; CL/XP 5/240; SPC Poison (+1 Save or Die), Surprise (on a roll of 1-5 on a d6) 

Treasure - Exploring the area after the battle the players can find 1 potion of Cure Wounds and 38 gp on a rotting Goblin corpse in the far corner.

Inspection of the gate reveals that it is locked. No locks or slits for keys can be found. Further inspection reveals two indentations on either wall next to the gate . These indentations are shaped in the six-pointed star of Ivad, an ancient magic user from long before the time of the Usarm.

Concluding the Adventure 
This is only the beginning, the Usarm ruin lay in wait beyond the gates, but the keys are missing and the only links are an ancient mage and a goblin corpse. The way for now is safe for the Mages of Coralius yet their way is still blocked and the players may be needed yet.


  1. 1) Difficulty level, Joshua?
    2) Where is placed the adventure in the Usarm series? Between "Under the Horn" and "Tomb of the Past Revealed"?

  2. Mid-level adventure definitely.
    I would place it either after Under the Horn or Assault on the Southern Horn as at the point the Mage Academy knows of the PCs.


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