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Patreon Suppported Adventures - The Owl Bear's Cave for 5Next

The final One-Page-Romp for the month of February has been up over at my Patreon for about 48 hours which means it is time to let the rest of the world see it. This adventure is a straight forward romp that leaves enough breadcrumbs to the broader Lands of Usarm or to have more fun in the Apegia Mountains region of Usarm.

For anyone who follows my adventures the Apegia Mountains are the site of the 5-minute adventure "Frigga's Chosen" and the One-Page-Romp "Trouble at Apegia Station". With one exception that has yet to be published, the Apegia Mountains have been my unofficial 5e section of Usarm (Assault on the Southern Horn not withstanding) and will most likely continue that way. After another Two Adventures I plan on updating all the Apegia adventures and releasing them in "Stoneheart Valley" style anthology. For anyone wishing to know how this could fit in the larger Usarm world this adventure can serve as a prelude to "Under the Horn" …