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Kickstarter - Update and the AeroMasters of the Saragubi!

Wow! Three weeks down and 5 more to go and we've nearly reached the 50% mark! Once again thanks to everyone who has pledge to the Kickstarter you guys and gals have really inspired me and thanks just aren't enough. In the coming weeks as pre-existing funds allow I hope to showcase more artwork to the bullpen, samples and write-ups on locations, npcs, and new monsters as well as my own sketches that - if successful - will be handed of to the bullpen for their amazing professional treatments! For update 3 we have a piece by the Fantastic Frank Turfler Jr. of an AeroMaster. The AeroMasters are on of the many groups of people players may encounter on their journeys in the Saragubi Desert. 

The AeroMasters are connected to two keyed locations (The Aerie of Sky and the Temple of Trail) as well as two adventure Hooks. 

The AeroMasters

Long ago, soon after the fall of the Usarm and the collapsing of the world the men and women who would become the AeroMasters escaped the chaos of the dying world. Retreating to the lands south of Usarm, to the deserts that had once been fertile, the AeroMasters hid and waited. Having taken as much of the Usarm knowledge and magic as they could, the AeroMasters became the sole keepers of the old world and dedicated themselves to preservation and advancement of the Usarm ways.
Hidden deep in the Southern Narrows, in the Aerie of Sky, the AeroMasters have become a race of scholars and innovators, taking the magics released by the N’zi and the fragmented knowledge of the Usarm and creating a shining - if hidden - jewel in the deep deserts.
For the last five-hundred years the AeroMasters have remained a hidden society and have kept interaction with the outside world to a bare minimum. The reigning belief behind this isolation is that should the old knowledge and their technologies be re-introduced into the world, the collapse would happen again. In the last few decades, however, some within the Magus Council have begun to seek further involvement with the outside world and have pushed the Council elders to move toward re-introduction.
The few outsiders who have made it to the Aerie of Sky have been barred from leaving and have been forced to be permanent guests.  
AeroMaster Scout: HD 2; AC 7[12]; Atk Polearm (1d8+3); Light Crossbow (1d4+3); ST 16; Mv 12/18 (flying); Al l; CL/XP 3/60; Special Flying - The unique magical device worn by the AeroMaster allows him or her to maintain continuous flight for up to 45 minutes. 
Wings of Air (Magic Item - Uncommon): This magical device appears as a leather and bronze wings attached to a harness system. When worn it allows the wearer to maintain continuous flight for up to 45 minutes. Each Wings of Air device can hold up to 12 charges and can only be “recharged” by an AeroMaster Magus. Recharging takes six hours per charge and costs the needed regents and 500 gp.


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