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Patreon Supported 5-minute Adventures - The Coming of the Night Train

A little early because the month is nearly done. Below you'll find the Basic Modern adventure "The Coming of the Night Train" made for my WIP Basic Modern source book for Swords & Wizardry. Most, if not all the rules can be found on the blog just do a search for "Basic Modern". Patreon holders, your pdfs have all the rules in it and your monthly anthology will have the rules and the classes.

Enjoy and as always feedback is greatly welcome.

The Coming of the Night Train
Adventure Set-Up
The Alby train station, which has laid vacate since the R&L Railway declared bankruptcy in the late 1940s, has recently entered into the local news and social media spheres as several bodies have been found on the tracks leading to the station. While investigation by local police have determined that the bodies had been moved to the tracks from elsewhere, a few people in town aren't so sure. Chief among the dissenters to the official investigation is Jacob Greely, the un…

Quick Note - Working on a New Sanity System for Modern Basic

I got a hold of Call of Cthulhu d20 and found that the sanity system is amazingly complex. Being that I dislike complex things and knowing that my previous sanity system was a tad bit broken I decided to go back to the drawing board as it were.

Sanity is derived from the the combination of the player's intelligence and wisdom scores. The base sanity of a player can never exceed this score and the score does not increase with time or level. When a player is confronted by something that could cause his or her sanity to waver the the Game Master will ask for the player to roll a Wisdom Check with an SR of determined by the Game Master. Should the player fail the Wisdom Check he or she loses sanity equal to the level of event that has occurred (see table below). When the player reaches half of their sanity he or she can start to experience delusions and breaks from reality. These episodes are the realm of the Game Master and should be handled delicately.

Sanity can be recouped by eith…

Quick Note - 5e Style Ability Checks being added to Basic Modern

As I'm writing "the night Train" adventure for my Patreons (and seriously thinking of limiting the variety of choices for next month's poll) I've found the need to add in the ability checks of 5e with some minor editing to stay in form with Modern Basic's (eventually I will rename that) core tenet of being a modern sourcebook for S&W Core.

Here's an Example:

The Game Master wishes to set an object (the faint chalk outline of a person's body) up as a major clue to the investigation the players are conducting. The outline has been there for a number of years and is partially faded and covered over with debris making it a difficult task to find it. The GM, however, doesn't want this to be impossible so he sets the Success Rating (SR) at 16, just over the cusp of the "hard" rating.

Success Rating
01 – 05 Simple – no roll need
06 – 10 Easy
11 – 15 Normal
16 – 20 Hard
21+ Impossible

The reason why 21+ is imposs…

Quick Note - Assault on the Southern Horn Reviewed

Merricb over at Merric's Musings has reviewed the 5e version of Assault on the Southern Horn. The review is relatively nice but does point out some issues with my interpretation of the 5e rule set (issues I hope to solve in the next week after I review my incoming copy of the Monster Manual). Of course there are also spelling errors which I will fix before the PoD version of the adventure is released, that is an issue on my part. Hopefully with the adventure away from my eyes I can see what I missed during the two rounds of proofreading and editing that I've already gone through.

One thing I'm really proud of is the praise that +Frank Turfler's interior art received.

Quick Map - Old Alby Station

The Modern Paranormal adventure for my monthly free adventures is underway ... and causing me a nervous breakdown in the process. The reason is I cannot find any of my notes (outside the blog) for my Basic Modern rules. This leaves me with 2 options, publish the existing rules to Patreon as is or also re-write the two cleric classes and the few other small rules changes from S&W core that I made.


The adventure was also supposed to be a One-Page Romp ... I'm now on page 2 and haven't even gotten to the map yet! So here's hoping I can finish tonight. I may be able to as the wife promised to take the kids and give me an hour or two of solid, uninterrupted work time ... feel bad about that though.

The adventure involves an investigation of an old train station near a site of a few murders. Here's the map!

Quick Note - A very minor AotSH mention!

There is an article over at ENworld about the slew of Unoffical 5e products up for sale at Drivethrurpg. While very small Genius Loci Games and "5Next) are specfically named. Now I have many times in the past gotten overly giddy about any mention anywhere of GLG or one of my adventures so it should be of no surprise that my "huzzah!" woke my kids (one of which I'm currently rocking back to sleep!)

Next up actual reviews and the awakening of my entire neighborhood!

And if anyone is interested the 5Next (or 5th Edition) version of Assault on the Southern Horn can be found here.

Quick Note - Work Begins

Just started my next two Patreon adventures. The shorter one-page romp will be first and will be a Swords & Wizardry adventure about dinosaurs and a wizard's tower. The second will be a 5-page adventure using the free version of the Westwater rules and take place in a dusty town in the Navada's that is out of water and features the trapped tomb of a disposed Mayan King, grave robbers and chitin.

Question for the community at large, what sources should I look to for traps ... I'm already planning on forcing a day of young Indiana Jones on my kids but what other places can I search through? What are you GMs inspiration for such things.

I should be getting my 5e monster manual in today or tomorrow so I can't wait to break it open and start learning the ropes.

Also, sleep ... I am in need of sleep.

Quick Note - Assault on the Southern Horn 5Next Edition Release

Yesterday I finished up and released the 5th Edition version of Assault on the Southern Horn yesterday. I did a soft announcement over G+ but now, as the printer is deciding if I can have a print version, I state it here with some more information.
The fifth edition version of the adventure is still stated for players of the 3rd through 6th level and should take one to two short or one long sessions to complete. New features added to the 5th Edition are as follows:
New Monsters for 5e - Gliding Frog, Lesser Pseudomorph, Ragmen, Thelidu, and Unseelie New Magic items for 5e - Ael's Sword (greatly expanded from the S&W release) Unique Wondrous Magic Item, Firarm Uncommon Wondrous Magic Item, and Spell Gem Rare Wondrous Magic Item New Elvish Sub-Race for 5e - The Unseelie New Background for 5e - Exile
In addition options for hirelings has been added as well as complete stats for both major NPCs (Tyor and Cami).
The 5e version clocks in at 21 pages and as said up top I'm looking…

Quick Note - A symbol for the Future

The conversion of Assault on the Southern Horn is nearly complete! To celebrate here is a new logo to be used for all 5e/Next adventures I may do in the future!
As for the 5e/Next version of Assault I am let with the tables for the new background to go along with the tale!

Creature for Any Setting (5e) -Thelidu

The Thelidu are one of my favorite monsters from +Matt Finch's 0e Reloaded Monster Book for the Core Version of Swords & Wizardry. They make some pretty big appearances in Tomb of the Past Revealed and in Assault on the Southern Horn.

Since I'm currently converting Assault on the Southern Horn to 5e I had to update the Thelidu to 5e rules are well. In the spirit of the OGL and the Thelidu's original source of the 0e Reloaded Monster Book I present to you for all to use the 5e Thelidu!

+Matt Finch and to all those who worked on the 0e Reloaded book, I once more thank you and a praise the efforts of that book!

Medium Aberration, Lawful Evil
Armor Class 15
Hit Points 68 (12d8)
Speed 30 ft

Skills Perception +6, Persuasion +6
Senses Passive Perception 13
Languages Common, Outsider
Challenge 6/2,300
Magic Tolerance The Thelidu has advantage on all saving throws against divine and arcane magics.
Telpathic Thelidu can communicate in one direction with any creature with 500 yards o…

Quick Note - Monster Hunter! Monster Math!

Almost finished converting "Assault on the Southern Horn" to 5e and a big special thanks must go out to +Surf Archer and his deconstructing series on 5e monsters.  I'm not going to lie here, I like monster creation in S&W it is simple and fast and although I think I'm doing okay with the 5e creation atm I can't wait for the monster manual and DMG to hopefully make understanding the blasted process a little easier. Way to much math for my Arts Degree mind.

Patreon Supported - Dinosaurs of the Protected Zone

Today we see the general release of my first Patreon offering for September, the Sci-fi themed One-Page rump for +Brave Halfling Publishing's Xplorers OSR sci-fi game.

This month we are trying something different, not only do the Patreons get a dirty and anthology Pdf but they also get a 72 hour head start. I'm hoping this solves the small problem I was having with trying to show how excellent I think my Patreons are!

Anyway, here is a one-page romp for the week, a little different from my normal offerings as it is not fantasy and the characters may not be the good guys!

Dinosaurs of the Protected Zone A 5-Minute Adventure for Xplorers
Words - Johua De Santo
Cartography - Johua De Santo W/ Elements created by CaptScott

Adventure Background You and your crew have been hired by the Nostreum Group to recover a research satellite that went missing several months ago from the obit of Planet – PZ4. This is considered an Omega Level assignment due to the fact that PZ4 is a protec…

Hyground has Failed

About a month ago +Daniel Loche from the Google+ heroscape community announced a kickstarter for +HyGround - 3D Terrain Tiles,  a 28mm hex-tile terrain build set (ala Heroscape) it has since failed by not reaching its funding goal of $150,000.

Honestly I can say that had I know about this sooner (I had unfortunately turned notifications off for that community) I would have been barking the crap out of it. As I've said before I feel that Heroscape was by far and large the greatest small-unit skirmish game every created and anything (ANYTHING) that could have added to the unfortunate dropped brand would have been highly welcome.

I don't know if Yeti Militia Games will reattempt the kickstarter or go a different route but I sure hope so. I may be in penny-pincer mode right now, but for a protect like this I would have tried to find a way ... or at the very least barked it up and help to spread the signal.

Kickstarter Barking - Revelry in Torth

+Venger Satanis is at it again! This time around he is focusing on a heavy pulp Swords & Sorcery adventure bathed in the shades of gray one is typically used to seeing in the torrid pages of 50s and 60s era S&S. 
Venger as we know is the writer of the acclaimed Liberation of the Demon Slayer and The Islands of Purple-Hunted Putrescence as well as the publisher of the shiny new Draconic Magazine! He is a unique voice that carries through and harkens back to genres and styles that many have attempted to imbrace but few have successfully emulated. In other words, the man does some fine damn work and if you haven't heard of him you should look him up over at the Venger's Old School Gaming Blog.

As for Revelry in Torth, well let the Kickstarter talk about itself:

Revelry in Torth takes place in a post-holocaust world (7 of the most powerful wizards created one gargantuan fireball to destroy the world in order to prevent a machine slave revolt).  The people of Torth live in …

Quick Note - Map a'random

Goofing off with some stamps while I continue to train and actually get moderately good with my by hand mapping.

Just for fun:

Endhome - The last surviving home village high up in the plains of the Star Seal. The humans of Endhome do not know that they are the last of their kind and the dwarves of the Starforgere Cairn fear telling them would lead to something horrible.

Starforgere Cairn - Once a small dwarven settlement near the Fjord, the Cairn has become the major hub of dwarven science, metallurgy, and commerce since the Night of Fallen Stars. The Cairn is the only known place in the world that produces Cosmiteral - or as the laymen call it: Star-Metal.   The source and production of Cosmiteral is kept secret, placing Starforgere under constant threat of invasion. The Starforgere Clan also keeps a legion of soldiers on patrol near the Star Plains and the human village of Endhome.

Tower of the Fallen Star - No one is yet aware of the crystalline tower that appeared in the wake of the …

Quick Note - Mutant Future

I recently picked up the free, no-art version of Goblinoid Game's "Mutant Future" and I must say that I'm having fun with it. First please remember that I am relatively a kid in the Hobby having only 12 years under my belt. I missed out of the Golden Age of gaming and products like the original Gamma World (I own 2 of the 4e box-sets which often get brought out as a party game) and have since really only been involved in the traditional fantasy branch of the hobby (seriously, anyone have a good space opera game going?). So finding this (oddly enough thanks to Knotty Works) produced a mild happy dance from me.

As many of my readers know from the various Usarm games I enjoy a certain level of Science Fantasy. Since coming into the hobby I've hunted down and obtained a copy of Expedition to the Barrier Peaks ... then since I only knew 3e at the time got completely lost ... and have often used golems as stand-ins for ancient robots.

I'm on my second read-through …