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OVA - Second Edition on screen!

Just got my backer edition of the the OVA 2nd edition pdf  by +Clay Gardner's Wise turtle. This is probably the most beautiful rule book I've ever seen and I cannot wait for the physical copies to go out. The layout is crisp and clean, the art is amazing and the placement of the various sections is ... frankly ... a thing of brilliance.

This sets the bar higher for me now as I move forward as a developer myself ... but of course first I must create that fantasy anime world that has always played in my head ...

Speaking of, here is a list of 5 anime Fantasy shows that I highly recommend (Note I'm american and am using the legal streaming sites that work in my country, if you're outside the US you may have to search at your country's related site. Sorry)

1. Record of Lodoss War (no legal stream for this one :( ) - This should be no surprise for anyone that has followed me since the beginning. Outside of Lord of Tolkien this anime series had a huge influence on me becoming a fan of fantasy and eventual on my game worlds. The OVA is the best of the two series but Chronicles of the Heroic Knight is enjoyable and has a wonderful vibe all its own ... although in my opinion it suffers from trying to jam Lodoss into the anime conventions of the late 90s early 2000s.

2. Magic Knight Rayearth - While not my introduction to the all female creator group of CLAMP Rayearth was what made me love them. There is the manga, a Saturn game two anime TV shows and a near unwatchable OVA. Unlike Record of Lodess War, Rayearth is founded deep in the culture of the JRPGs of the NES/SNES era.

3. Tower of Druaga - A reboot/adaption of an 1980s dungeon crawling arcade game. The first season is my favorite and really hits its stride at around the episode 8 mark. The second season is also amazing but has less of that down in the dirt adventurer feeling that most of the first season had.

4. El Hazard (no legal stream for this one either) - This one has always been near and dear to my heart, especially the TV series "The Wanderers" and is about a group of Japanese school folk (students and a teacher) who are transported to a fantasy (actually science fantasy) world that is somewhat based on a middle eastern motif. It is very interesting and the Shadow Elves of the OVA have made multiple appearances in my own games over the years.

5. Sword Art Online/Log Horizon/.hack//sign - All of them are about humans trapped in Fantasy MMOs ... In my personal opinion .hack will always be the best.


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