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One Page Romp - Mines of Saint Giles

Finally had some time on the side to make a new One Page Romp. This Romp can be found as a png with page elements to all Patreons and will be included in the end of month Patreon Anthology.

All monsters in this adventure are OGL and first appeared in +Matt Finch's S&W Monster Book: 0e Copyright 2008.

The Mines of Saint Giles Story - The dwarven miner Feld has come to the closet human settlement bloody and barely alive. He babbles of undead horrors that have killed his mining crew and taken control of the mines. Before passing out from his injuries and fatigue he offers anyone willing to rid his mines of the undead threat 1,000 gp. Unknown to Feld his mine is the resting site of St. Giles the paladin and a young Necromancer has gotten it in his head to attempt to raise the paladin as his undead servant. Area 1 - Miner’s House The door hangs loosely open showing a ruin. Fresh blood covers the floor and the remains of an old dwarf hang from the back wall. Investigation finds strange …

Quick Note - Pyramids, Light Houses and Horns ... Oh My!

Today I finished the Temple of the Fallen God dungeon for my "Pyramid of the Lost King" adventure/mini-sandbox!  This puts the adventure at 25 pages with no monster stats, maps or art. I will hopefully be able to get the pyramid itself done by the end of the weekend and go into proofreading and mapping! next week.

Lights Over Innfjord ... the much talked about and not yet released adventure I started writing last year has ... been partially destroyed by a 2-year-old and a plastic hammer. My son got a hold o the usb hold the prime Innsfjord materials and broke it. I did, however, have a partial back-up on my google drive so ... back to rewriting and redesigning the Temple and the Jailhouse ... damn it.

Finally last night I put all the art together for my next NOT a 2-page adventure "Assault on the Southern Horn" which comes out to 13 pages all told. Out of that 13  there is 1 cover, 1 credit page, 2 splash art pages, 6 adventure/monster pages, 1 map page, 1 OGL page…

Quick Note - What I'm working on today.

As everyone has probably figured out between a family issue and other things I've fallen behind in my patreon managing ... Today I work on partially fixing that with both the text and editing for the complete anthology those patreons who are in for a $1.00 or more.

Quick Note - Assault on the Southern Horn

The next adventure in the Usarm series is almost complete! Here is a peek at the cover and the rear cover blurb! The entire adventure is 13 pages and features cover by Deadguybeer (formly U369) who provided the covers for Under the Horn and Spectres of Usarm, and +Frank Turfler's wonderful art and cartography for the interior art.

In the swamp lands of southern Usarm a horn, glowing and bright has erupted from the fetid earth. The town of Backbend has become lost within the swamps it once boarded and its people have vanished. Tyor, Sage of the Mage Academy in Coralius, and his young apprentice Cami have been sent to investigate and discover the nature of the swamp’s encroachment and that of the glowing Southern Horn.

What Tyor finds is a town overrun with Dark Elves and strange beings. Cami is taken in the night and Tyor desperate and alone sends a plea over psychic webs.  Come to Backbend, breach the horn and discover its secrets and the plans of the Dark Elves … and most of all …

Quick Note - The Mines Map

This is the map for my final adventure of the month for Patreon. The Mines of Saint Giles will be a Swords & Wizardry adventure to balance out the 2 Next Edition and other S&W adventure already in the collection.

As those who follow me on G+ know this was an interesting case because my computer decided it could handle the map.  Enjoy!

Quick Note - Betas and Maps

Playing a beta for a new MMO from Trion Worlds. Pretty fun so far, but then the low levels are always fun in an MMO. However, it is a beta so there are queues, lag and the like so I've taken to drawing a map while I wait ... completely free hand!

Oh and my purple-haired not-cleric (but a cleric) from the beta ... because I love taking screen shots!

Now I need to make some coffee ... or simply go to bed.

Story - Prelude to "The Wolf-Spider Clan's Hideout"

This is a short story narrative that prefaces my next Patreon adventure. I hope you all enjoy it!

"The Wolf-Spider Clan's Hideout" will be a 5-minute adventure made for the Next Edition of the World's first fantasy rpg and will feature a new background called "Chosen".

The chill autumn winds washed down out of the mountains, pushing the early fogs away from the heavy Forests of Apegia. All was silent, no birds sang, no insects chirped. A chill ran up Rorak's spine. The old woodsman had lived in these woods for near forty years and never had the dark woods fallen this silent. He crouched lower, his soft booted feet gliding silently over the underbrush and leaf carpet. The breeze blew downwind of him, rustling the mosaic of leaves in the trees. He tightened his gripe on his bow, ignoring the soft cracking sound of old bones plagued with arthritis.
The tree line broke suddenly into an oblong clearing with a single ancient oak in its center. Rorak had plann…

Quick Note - Two Things

Been a quiet week over here at Genius Loci. The little guy broke his leg and Code Name: the Wife has been working crazy hours ... so why it has been quiet on the blog life itself has been anything but. So, I wanted to say sorry for that and also say two other things:

1. To the 4 or 5 people who donated money through my paypal for the purpose of buying a 5e phb: Thank You! Seriously guys, you are the awesome and deserve so much thanks that I cannot possible relate!

2. The muse at my side needs a giant kick in the ass. I seem, at the moment at least, to have lost that little voice in my head that tells me what to what and of worlds far away and a mile miles away from the laws of physics. I'm hoping with the completion of my reading of Skin Game and the new episode of Doctor Who coming this Saturday, my muse will once again decide not to be so damned tight lipped.

At the moment all is quiet and I am trying to force out a short adventure for my Patreons. Hopefully ... hopefully.

Oh an…

Quick Review - Raiders of the Forgotten Treasure

Raidersof the Forgotten Treasure by the Middle Kingdoms Adventure & Company is a short 8-page dungeon crawl that is compatible with Swords & Wizardry and can be easily moved to any of the OSR systems. Raiders is an interesting adventure because of the writer and the premise of the adventure. From the title page:
“The adventure you see before you was created from the imagination of a 7-year-old Game Master known as the “Inkling.” The Inkling doesn’t need a backstory and doesn’t care what level your characters are. The only thing the Inkling cares about is stocking the dungeon with scary, hard to beat monsters and traps, and rewarding you with more loot than you can carry.”
In that single paragraph is all anyone needs to know, the adventure is short (maybe filling a single 2 to 3 hour session) filled with interesting variations on creatures, a heck of a lot of coppers and an interesting trap to bugger your players with and create stories for good times to come.
There is no story,…

Quick Note - Inspiration for a Weird Game

Just found this. There are apparently 54 episodes and it is really interesting. A lot of strange and interesting tales presented as announcements (don't go near the dog park!), news stories and so on. I've already gain ed a few interesting ideas for my Basic Modern game from this and I can see others enjoying it as well.

Quick Note - The Strongest Kid in the West

Yesterday my 2-year-old son broke his leg, a spiral fracture to the right tibia to be exact. This was on a kiddy slide at a playground outside of a trail head. My son never cried more than for 20 seconds after it happened and then demanded to be put in his backpack and taken on the hike. He wanted to see foxes and water falls.

We ended up in the ER for 4 hours he didn't cry until the end and that was because he as hungry. Never once did he cry out when the doctor examined him ... thankfully we had a good doctor who noticed the queasy look my son got when he touched his leg or we may not have even gotten an X-ray.

Last night the boy sat and watched his favorite (non-Star Wars) movie "Treasure Buddies" and only started getting annoyed when he realized he couldn't run to the kitchen to beg me for a drink. This morning his called me to his room in a very calm voice and said. "I still booboo, da." He frowned when he said it. "Kiss no work."

Well that&#…

Quick Note - Hideout of the Wolf-Spider Clan

A new map I worked on today. Still getting the hang of this and I'm not too happy with the hand-drawn elements as I feel they're poor in comparison to the likes of +Dyson Logos and +matt jackson. But practice, practice, practice.

This map will most likely be the one used in my next One-Page Romp and will most likely be another 5e adventure.

An updated version based on the recomandations of Mr Logos and Mr Jackson. Thanks guys!

Fifth Edition Fantasy Adventures on Sale!

+Goodman Games' foray into the new frontiers of 5th edition became available today VIA RPGnow and other Onebookshelf sites.

The two adventures run for $.699 each and together can take a party from 1st through 6th level. 
Glitterdoom is the first and shorter of the two but also the more traditional in style and story.
Fifth Edition Fantasy is here! This adventure module is fully compatible with the fifth edition of the world’s most popular fantasy RPG, and ready to play in your home campaign!
Centuries ago, the glitterdoom came to the dwarves of Steelhand Clan! This divine curse transformed the dwarves into hellish forms with an insatiable greed for gold. Now, a chance encounter breaks open long-sealed gates to unleash the glitterdoom again. Can your adventurers delve into the forgotten halls to confront the subterranean menace?
This all-new 5E adventure module includes a new dwarf sub-race and a new PC background! 
The most interesting piece here for me is the new dwarven sub-race, …

Patreon Supported - Trouble at Apegia Station for the Next Edition.

(Note - $2 Patreons will receive the clean final copy with embedded stats in their monthly Anthology.)

Area 1 - Common Room
Three dead bodies, appearing horribly mauled.. Two Zombies in the rear near the left wall have dragged a forth body and are dining. (Zombies here, pg 52)

Area 2 - Dining Hall
A lone, half grazed guard is sheltered in this room. A DC 20 Charisma (Persuasion) check will convince him not to attack as he believes there are only undead left. (Guard here, pg 54)

Area 3 - Guard Chambers
Under the disheveled rug is a trap door to the catacombs. Each chest has approx 25 GP and a potion of healing. The bearskin rug is a Smothering Rug.(Smothering Rug here, pg 16)

Area 4 - Lair of the Ooze
This large empty chamber seems to have been once walled off by brick. Exploration shows little except a dripping wetness that is actually a colony of Grey Oozes (3 Grey Ooze here, pg 11)

Area 5 - Cross Roads
The path turns up to a worked chamber of stone or down into darkness. 6 zombies s…

Quick Note - Let it Go! Let it ... Pop up game?!

My daughter got the "Frozen Pop-up Magic" game for her 3rd birthday this past Saturday and we have since played it every day since. The game itself is very simple, a mixture of spinner movement and memory. The true awesome comes from the pieces (pre-painted nicely detailed miniatures of Elza, Anna and Olaf) and the fact that it can connect to other Pop-Up Magic games to form a bigger board for more players who have their own miniatures of Disney Princesses and princes.

Already my 9-year-old is trying to figure out how to build a Disney Princess RPG using the 5e basic rules (she stole my print-out!) and the miniatures provided by the pop-up games.

For anyone with a little kid between 3 and 5 or who just likes nice miniatures (still not as nice as the Disney Infinity figures though) this is a good and cheap pick up!

Now, their just needs to be a modding community for this because I want to be Hans, damnit!

Quick Note - The Way Station of the Apelgia Mountains

I've completed my map! Thoughts are welcome and as +Frank Turfler will see his advice went to work!

Location Information

The way station of the Apelgia Mountains sits in the mid point of the high pass between Piaugh and the mining village of Rook's Bend. The way station acts as a mail depot, inn (floor space only) and guard post for those who travel the pass. The way station is operated by the the Collation of Neark Merchants and is manned year long by 5 human mercenaries who are paid a handsome sum and are considered honorable enough.  

There is a trap-door under the bear-skin rug in the guard quarters that leads to a a small cavern system and the ruins of an ancient crypt ... currently being used as cold storage by the way station.

Quick Note - OSRToday confirms rumors of Goodman 5e

+OSRTodayconfirmed today that +Goodman Games will be releasing material for 5e starting with two adventures to be released at Gen Con.

I'm excited to see what Goodman does with the 5e rules and feel as well as to see if, like Necromancer Games, they do this under the OGL or if they've secured the unannounced license for 5e.  With Goodman's announcement this makes two decent-sized publishers who are developing for 5e. 
I am personally hoping for a wealth of publishers and material (both new and converted) for the system out of a love for D&D and a desire to see it survive as more than (like +RollForInitiative has claimed) an IP to create new and interesting things for eventual video game and film/book/novel release.

Quick note - More experiments in digital mapping

The way station of the Apelgia Mountains sits in the mid point of the high pass between Piaugh and the mining village of Rook's Bend. The way station acts as a mail depot, inn (floor space only) and guard post for those who travel the pass. The way station is operated by the the Collation of Neark Merchants and is manned year long by 5 human mercenaries who are paid a handsome sum and are considered honorable enough.  

There is a trap-door under the bear-skin rug in the guard quarters that leads to a a small cavern system and the ruins of an ancient crypt ... currently being used as cold storage by the way station.

This map was made using the same tutorial as the map I posted yesterday and map elements by Bogie over at the Cartographers' Guild. Any thoughts our suggestions are greatly sought after.

The floor and grasslands as well as the hills were all my own design as I played around with the map.

If I can fit this one and yesterday's on a half sheet they may (together) c…

Quick Note - One Bookshelf has crashed

I am assuming that the popularity of the Scion bundle over at Bundle of Holding  has caused the one book shelf sites to be so overloaded with fresh downloads and traffic that they broke under the strain. This has happened before when BoH first started to work in conjunction with OBS on the distrubution of their bundles.

I can totally understand why this is happening. Scion is great world and flavor that I've always been interested in myself.

Game Geeks has several reviews on the game and its splat/story/campaign books

Essentially in Scion you play as the offspring of a God in the modern world. You have powers like your parent but need a focus to use them and that focus has to be linked to your parent. Scion was one of the few White Wolf style games I was ever truly excited for (despite having never picked it up).

So hold on tight, wait for the OBS sites to succeed their raise check, and if Scion interests you check out that bundle.

Quick Note - Feeling Guilty

In three days I am jobless, needless to say this will be something big and hard on my family as we adjust to a new life style while I look for new employment. In the mean time I intend to continue on with the blog and with Genius Loci games ... I ask, if nothing else for anyone who reads this blog to wish me luck in the coming days and months. I have some prospects and certain people have been kind enough to offer advice and ideas on how to proceed. Trust me it is not guilt or shame that keeps me from naming just a simple desire not to put those people out any further.

This is the main and pretty much only reason that new ad banners have appeared on the site. My hope is that I can gain some of what I'm losing through various other means ... I'd also be grateful if anyone out there had some leads on some freelance gigs.

Have a good night folks. More tomorrow as I ready for a day of blogging and phone calls.

Quick Note - A New Map? Maybe

Been experimenting most of the day with the tutorial I posted earlier. I think I am starting to understand the missing pieces that were hanging me up.

This is the closest thing I have to a success at the moment.

This or (most likely) a more refined version will probably be used in the next One-Page Romp (The thing I am now calling the Secret Chapel style) for next week.

I am hoping that practice throughout the month will prepare me to handle myself for maps in September's Pyramid of the Lost King Release and the next 2-page adventure (Assault on the Southern Horn).

Thoughts as always are greatly welcomed and sought.

OVA - Second Edition on screen!

Just got my backer edition of the the OVA 2nd edition pdf  by +Clay Gardner's Wise turtle. This is probably the most beautiful rule book I've ever seen and I cannot wait for the physical copies to go out. The layout is crisp and clean, the art is amazing and the placement of the various sections is ... frankly ... a thing of brilliance.

This sets the bar higher for me now as I move forward as a developer myself ... but of course first I must create that fantasy anime world that has always played in my head ...

Speaking of, here is a list of 5 anime Fantasy shows that I highly recommend (Note I'm american and am using the legal streaming sites that work in my country, if you're outside the US you may have to search at your country's related site. Sorry)

1. Record of Lodoss War (no legal stream for this one :( ) - This should be no surprise for anyone that has followed me since the beginning. Outside of Lord of Tolkien this anime series had a huge influence on me bec…

Patreon Supported 5-Minute Adventure - Tomb of the Past Revealed

This is the first Patreon supported 5-minuted adventure with a map provided by +Dyson Logos. All Patreons will get a .pdf version of this adventure at the end of the month (as part of an anthology with my over free adventures this month) with art work and layout.

This is the third Icago adventure, the first two being "Shrine of Thiseir" and "Spectres of Usarm". This adventure and the upcoming "Assault on the Southern Horn" go a long, long way to answering many of the 2-page adventure story questions and setting up for the final push.

This adventure is for Swords & Wizardry but compatible with most OSR style games and suitable for players of the 4th through 6th level.

You can find more of Dyson's maps on his own page!
You can find my Patreon page here.

Tomb of Past Revealed Written By Johua De Santo Cartography Courtesy of Dyson Logos

Adventure BackgroundThe village of Icago has seen its fair share of problems recently. Between Orc attacks, the death o…

Today I took the Jump!

So after much consideration and many questions to myself I have gone ahead and have made the jump into Patreon land. Fingers-crossed all goes well and this isn't jumping the gun for me.

The Patreon I'm doing is for my 5-minute Adventures and those free one-page romps I've been doing for a while now. My hope is that this will help me continue to stay afloat with production and up-to-date in the gaming community while I get used to being a stay-at-home dad/ search for employment.

The Patreon Page can be found: here and I'll hopefully figure out how to get a link up soon.

Quick Note - The Laundry

I'm not sure what to say about The Laundry. Cubicle Seven has routinely released great games and the product blurb alone had me reading the author list six times because I could swear one of my favorite British author's (Simon R Green) was involved.
From Drive-Thru:
There are things out there, in the weirder reaches of space-time where reality is an optional extra. Horrible things, usually with tentacles. Al-Hazred glimpsed them, John Dee summoned them, HP Lovecraft wrote about them, and Alan Turing mapped the paths from our universe to theirs. The right calculation can call up entities from other, older universes, or invoke their powers. Invisibility? Easy! Animating the dead? Trivial! Binding lesser demons to your will? Easily doable!

Opening up the way for the Great Old Ones to come through and eat our brains? Unfortunately, much too easy.

That's where the Laundry comes in - it's a branch of the British secret service, tasked to prevent hideous alien gods from wipi…