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Quick Note - Update on everything

Okay so here is another of my randomly posted updates on all my projects!

1. Innsfjord - currently at a stand still as I once again fall into doubt as to whether or not this massive project is good or just a bloated mess.

2. The Pyramid of the Lost King - Has two dungeons left to design and populate. The Temple of the Snake God is on its third design and the pyramid is on its first. I have been doing my best not to fall into the same trap as Innsfjord and have massive sprawling dungeons littered around the wilderness map.

3. Pathfinder Project - Is done and is in second phase proof reading. I'll be submitting it to +Rite Publishing's Adventure Quarterly as soon as I figure out how to write a querry.

4. Miracle of Science - Is almost done but currently on a backburner due to not knowing if Explorers is a system that can still be developed for.

5. Helena's Gauntlet - My massive Edge of Space "city crawl" is progressing nicely ... if slowly. two sections of the massive destoryed city of Helena have been written out with four more left to do. I'll post a sample of that at some point.

6. Chromatic Commandos - Just started playtesting last night and things went really well, a lot of good feedback was given and I was happily surprised by how little negative was in the feedback. We move on to the first episode in two weeks and could still uses two or three more Commandos to fill out the team!

7. Basic Modern - Had its first playtest this weekend with a live group. Unlike Commandos we didn't do character creation as there is very little different between Basic Modern and its Swords & Wizardry core. The players had fun and the abilities that each class has don't make them fill overpowered in the least. The Street Fighter Character La Cruz was killed during the adventure as he jumped into a hellgate with the Book of the Metatron to assure that the gate would stay sealed so we'll get a little character creation next week as we make a new character for him.

8. Horus Adrift Deluxe Edition - The new area "The Queen's Cell" is nearly done and then we move into finishing the new map for that area and the short story. My hope is to have this done by August.

9. Making a new race as class to submit to +Tim Shorts for The Manor. Fingers crossed.

Now for some ETAs.

1. Innsfjord - At this point I'm looking at next year. My first big project scares the hell out of me and requires a lot of time I currently don't have so it keeps getting pushed to the side for smaller and less frightening fare.
2. Pyramid of the Lost King - I'm hoping to have this one done by the end of July with a mid-august release after one or two playtest sessions that Codename: The Wife has cleared for me for on top of Chromatic Commandos.
3. Pathfinder Project - Hoping to have final edits done by the end of the month and the quarry submitted by the end of the week. I may look for a gamer to look over the adventure as well since my proofers are non-gamers and have yelled at me for not explaining what "DC 15 Perception Check" means. :)
4. Miracle of Science - Back burner at the moment  for reasons stated above,
5. Helena's Gauntlet - I'm hoping for an earlier next year release on this one as it is more a campaign than an adventure.
6.Chromatic Commandos - As stated above I'm hoping for an end of the year release on this one. Codename: The Wife has suggested I approach Saban to try and secure a license to a certain show ... don't know if I'm up to that.
7.  Basic Modern - A lot of writing is left to do in this one as right now the file is just classes and modern weapons with everything else being a "reference the S&W core book!". A while off.
8. Horus Adrift Deluxe Edition - I've already did all the Publisher stuff for Deluxe and all that remains is the Queen's Cell map and the short story ... I may axe the short story ... At the latest I'm expecting end of summer on this one.

I don't expect any new work to occur between August and December as I've been tapped for other things and will be focused completely on those things. As time gets closer I'm sure the people above me in those cases will make annoucements and such.

Well, that's the update, expect that 5-minute adventures, monsters, rules thoughts and alternatives and the normal Genius Loci craziness to continue through it all ... and if I don't get my new job expect these time tables to shift as I will have a HELL of a lot of time on my hands!


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