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Quick Note - Pyramid of the Lost King Page Design

I haven't yet imported the adventure document into page plus but I've been working on how I want it to look. The page background is a modified version of Lord Zsezse Work'sDesert Stock Art pack.

I'm not sure if this will be final, I'm not a huge fan of the dividing line under the N.2 section header and I want to have some sort of graphic to add the page numbers when they appear.

Originally the boxed "read this" text was both in a different font AND on a scroll graphic ... I abandoned that rather quickly as it made everything way too busy looking.


I'm planning on having this finished (writing wise) this Friday it will then go over to Codename: The Wife for proof-reading. My thoughts are that I will be able to (gain if I'd don't get this promotion at real work) run a play-test on the Mondays I'm not running Chromatic Commandos.

Quick Note - Pyramid of the Lost King Peek.

Work is going great on PotLK. I'm nearly done the wilderness areas and 3 of the sites that are pre-created to explore (the ones with maps, altogether I've 5 or the 8 down). Here are two of the sites that are on the map:

N-?. The Bulette CavernAlong the western cliffs of the lower Narrows is a hole burrowed into the stone that leads to a large cavern. The entrance to the cavern is low to the ground and dips downward into the earth. If the players come to the cavern at night they will find it occupied by 1d4 Bulettes. No investigation is required to learn that this cavern, most likely dug by Bulettes in the far past, serves as a seasonal mating ground for the creatures. If interrupted the Bulettes will hunt and attack the players as long as they are in the Narrows. If the players come to the cavern during the day they will find a single sleeping Bulette resting in the cavern. Bulette (4) – Treasure – None N-?. The DiskA large disc of stone rests half buried in the desert sands. Stran…

Quick Note - Chomatic Commandos is on Roll20!

The playtest for my power Rangers inspired roleplaying game starts on Monday July 7th and will be a twice a month game. This morning I finished setting up the roll20 announcement and the basics for the "Sample setting" that will be used in the released book.

That's right, the actions of the players in the playtest will define and help mold the sample setting.

Here is the listing: Chromatic Commandos - Dragon Force
A thousand years ago the Great Dragon Zora sealed the armies of the evil metallic dragon, Zerit deep within the Earth. Now Zerit have returned and his desire for conquest over Earth has not abated. Zora has summoned ordinary teenagers and has imbued them with the power of the great dragons and equipped them with mighty machines known as poly-mechs to combat Zerit's monstrous forces.
Chromatic Commandos - Dragon Force is a playtest of the the Chromatic Commandos Roleplaying Game. The goal of the playtest is to test the mechanics of the system over time and s…

Quick Note - Raven's Ruin

I'm reading through my pdf of "Assault on Raven's Ruin" and I must say that it is a very interesting adventure, not just in terms of gameplay but how it is writing. The text seems to go out of its way to hold the DM's hand (in a good way, not in that you're an idiot way a lot of more modern adventures do) and help him or her through the roleplaying and combat and so forth. Truly the text (to me) has a very easy and conversational style to it that makes me excited to run the module ... even though I'm not.
Assault on Raven's Ruin was part of the "Thunderrift" series of modules and primarily created for novice tables. It shows in a way with the simple and straight forward adventure that jumps the players to were they need to be. for some reason, however, this doesn't feel railroady to me but more like the wipes from a Star Wars film.
I both wonder and hope that the 5e modules will have a style near this in the starter sets.
Assualt on Rave…

Quick Note - No Love for the Bulette

I am currently outlining my next adventure for release and have finished my wandering monsters and over land map. During the creation of the idea for the story (a desert adventure) I decided I wanted to use some creatures I have rarely seen. Gnolls and Nagpas make appearances as well as Lamaras (as anyone can see I am getting use out of that copy of the Creature Catalog I won). One creature I decided to use was one that I have never seen outside a monster manual: The Bulette.

I truly wonder why? I've personally used the Bulette (and a Giant Bulette) a few times in my personal games, but have rarely heard mention of it outside of the monster manual.

So, what unique or under utilized creatures have you, gentle readers, encountered on your journeys through the fantastic?

Back in the Saddle! Flower of the Heart a Spell for S&W, Next and Pathfinder

Well my wedding/honeymoon/vaction went great. got a tan, learned to surf (kind of) and enjoyed the time with my new wife in a place far enough away from home that the stresses and bothers of home life vanished ... if even for a short time.

now, however, I am back and I have a deadly spell for everyone who wants to inflict some death unto their players!

Swords & Wizardry - Flower of the Heart (NPC only)
Spell Level: Magic-User, 9th Level Range: 1 mile Duration: Immediate
The caster speaks a word of power while holding a particle of the target’s blood. If The target has 100 hit points or fewer, its heart begins to beat extraordinarily fast and the target’s heart explodes with such force that it rips open the chest in such a way as to resemble a budding flower. If it has more than 100 hit points it is not affected by the spell. No saving throw is permitted.
Next - Flower of the Heart (NPC only)
9th-­level Necromancy
1 round Range: 1 mile Duration: 3 Rounds
An intense p…

Quick Note - Gaming at the Beach

The wedding went terrifically! Codename: the Wife had a wonderful time and was a vision in her dress. Food and much merry making followed! This morning I was talking to a few of my wife's old Army friends (mine couldn't make it due to deployment) as well as my step-daugther's cousins (15 & 9) who I got the pathfinder beginner box last x-mas. Turns out I have a full table of current and lapsed gamers staying in the beach house we rented. Woohoo! Current loan is to run +Matt Jackson's Edge of Space with my Horus Adrift adventure and the Dragon Age with the Tabletop Show adventure on Tuesday.The best part is Codename: the Wife likes the idea.

Quick Note - I am being kidnapped!

Okay everyone I've got some bad news. Starting tomorrow the blog will be on haitus until the end of June. I'll be away, down in the southlands of the original colonies were a beautiful woman has decided to spirit me away to ... and on a beach lock me to her. In other words I'm getting married on Friday and then going on a honeymoon ... not nearly as cool as a honeymoon that Jim Butcher characters seem to get but it will be full of fun and adventure.

I promise to have ideas, adventures and monsters rearing to go when I get back, but until then: Hold down the fort and push your way through the towers, caves, fens and temples! Happy gaming!

I only wish my hardcopy of Eastmark got here before I left :(

Maps for play

Playing around with pyromancer map creator again. I may use these ... just not certain as for what.

Maybe for that Pathfinder experiment I've been itching at ... or something purely 5e ... or hell all three!

Quick Note - The Devil You Know

For the last fifteen minutes (as my son watches a 19-year-old girl ballet kung-fu in a seedy space bar) I've been staring at this. I've been debating it for the last three weeks, even unpacked the core book and monster book from their box in the attic.


Quick note - five Ways to Add horror into Your Adventure

Five ways to add horror into your adventure. Horror doesn’t always work in gaming especially on the large scale. The more you try to make an entire campaign of Lovecraftian or Ashcroft style horror the more you will typically lose your players. Why is this? The main reason you’ll lose players is because the horrible and inhuman become the norm, the average. Look at most Zombie books and films that take place years (or even months) after the outbreak … no more fear, just the grim reality that this is the world now. The same goes for games … true there are games like Call of Cthulhu but even there the horror isn’t ever present and the investigation and journey into the madness of it all is what makes the game.As such horror is something that is most effective … in my opinion at least … when it comes out of the blue and is unexpected. Do I mean jump scares? No … although that does serve a purpose in many genres. No, what I mean is that horror shouldn’t be the norm, not every dark corner ne…

Five Minute Adventures - Shrine of Thiseir Pathfinder Experiment

So for reasons that must remain very close to my heart and behind my mind I am practicing my ability to convert from one system to another. Now granted even pre-OGL d20 systems have are related to their younger brothers and cousins but it is still a bit of a stretching of the mind to take something mainly meant for OD&D (and retroclones of such) and make it work with a newer version of the system.

This is my first attempt at this sort of thing (adventure for Pathfinder) and as is my way I release everything I produce ... even if it may be a failure. This adventure is somewhat parsed down from the original Shrine of Thiseir, however, I did my best to keep the ideals of taken from the OSR and keep them intact. Fingers crossed that I was successful.

The Shrine of ThiseirA 5-Minute Experiment for Pathfinder The Shrine of Thiseir is a low-leveladventure set in the Gods of Usarm setting and is designed for use with 4 to 5 player-character who are just beginning their journey into adventur…