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Quick Review - Murderhobos

Murderhobos was released yesterday as a pay what you want product on Drivethrurpg. It is a 6-page extremely low rule game system. The game essentially boils down a roleplaying game into its core component (in the writer of Murderhobos that is combat) and leaves everything else from monster creation to world building to the Game Master.

The Murderhobos website has an example of play that goes a long way toward teaching any respective player how-to play ... and honestly once one person knows how to play there is no need for the majority of the small book as it is very simple to pick up.

Given that it is a pay what you want product I would recommend picking it up just for the laughs its character class descriptions can offer. As anything else the combat system is solid and fast paced and the whole thing screams out for some gonzo play.

I won't lie, however, Murderhobos was picked up because I was expecting a fantasy version of the most awesome Hobomancer. While not what I was hoping for, Murderhobos doesn't disappoint and I can see myself running this on a pick-up flail or as a dead table con game.


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