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Quick Note - More Unusual tables

Unusual Tables – Market Day
I was trying to think of a new Genius Loci Scenario and although I had lots of ideas nothing really tickled my fancy too much so instead I present a synopsis of those ideas in the form of a random table for use in any town large enough to have a market day.
A shipment of exotic fruit kept magically fresh during transport holds 1d12 Giant Spiders that escape and attack anyone in the market after the fruit crates are un-enchanted.
A call of “Thief” goes up through the market place, if the PCs pursue they are lead on a chase throughout the city requiring tracking and investigation. Eventually they find the thief is Friar who stole ointment and food for a sick child.
One of caravan merchants suddenly spurts an arrow from his chest. Two hours later the same merchant is seen hustling a few people at a game of darts.
Another shipment of exotic fruit kept magically fresh was not un-enchanted and now everyone who ate the fruit is entering a state of suspended-animation.
A local Orc tribe stands at the gates demanding that they be allowed entry to ply their own wares and buy supplies. Are they on the level or is there a deeper scheme?
Every merchant in the Market Square suddenly, and for no reason, swapped identities. In the center of the Square a young mage, not even old enough to sprout his first whiskers, lay dead, his eyes burnt out.

Unusual Tables – Pub Crawls
IN some large city with multiple taverns and pubs and wine clubs the PCs, who may not know the place very well (if at all) may run into some pretty strange drinking holes.
The inn appears to be upscale and full of exotic silk screens and softly burning magical candles. Only a few people sit, talking quietly at a few tables. Every drink in the place has a magical effect equal to a first level spell, results are immediate but not dangerous.
A large well-kept tavern with a large center stage. The drinks are well made and the place appears to cater to halflings and gnomes. Around mid-night every night is “open-mic” night allowing every aspiring gnome and halfling jester to ply their trade.
Appears to be a small hole-in-the-wall pub near the docks. When the PCs step into the bar they find themselves in an anti-gravity zone, only the property of the pub (including the drinks) is affected by gravity.
A normal tavern, however, the fireplace is prone to casting curses and geas on random patrons.
A long flight of stairs lead deep into the earth, the tables look like anvils, all the employees are dwarves, all the drinks dwarven made and the place plays host to a nightly performance of Dwarven interpretative dance and poetry.
An otherwise normal bar, however, all weapons that enter the bar have “polymorph” cast upon them. Should weapons be drawn and used for attacks the wielder of the weapon is turned into a chicken. The bar’s most famous meal is deep fried chicken breasts.


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