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Quick Note - Spectres of Usarm is Live!

Just a heads-up the newest two-page-adventure "Spectres of Usarm" (Currently being played here) is now up for sale over at and other Onebookshelf sites. Like is predecessors "Joy in a Flask" and "Under the Horn", "Sprectres of Usarm" is compatible with +Matt Finch's and +Frog God Games' Swords & Wizardry retroclone of the world's oldest Fantasy RPG.

"Spectres of Usarm" also sees the return of u369 as cover artist with his amazing and somewhat surreal style (This Blog's background is also u369's work).


To the north the mysterious Orc tribes threaten the coastial town of Icago. Already the Abbey of the Goddess Thiseir has fallen due to their raids and farmers and fishermen have reported seen the horrid pig-faced creatures moving inland.
The Cloaked Mage promised the Lord Mayor a way to be rid of the threat … no one has heard from the mayor or his family for a week. Every searc…

Forgotten Creatures of the Hall of the Dwarven King

20 days ago I created the "Halls of the Dwarven King" 5-minute adventure. It was labelled as a work in progress because I didn't have my reference sheets for Next with me. It is still labelled as a Work in Progress. Today the wonderful blogger member, Scarecrow reminded me about this and so I am now rectifying my laziness.

Please note I am still learning how to creature create in Next/5e and that I am using a verison of the playtest they may no longer be valid (I have not picked up Dead in Thay as of yet). Further there are no dragons found anywhere in my playtest material or "Scourge of the Sword Coast" so I pretty much winged it! As Such Taboreeux may be too strong ... but then I have always felt dragons should be nearly god-like in their hardness.

Enjoy and I will update the original adventure as well so people won't need to print off or look at two sources.

Dwarven ConstructMedium Construct Armor Class 15 Hit Points 30 (4d8+2) Speed 30 feet Str 14 (+2)De…

Quick Note - Character sheet mock-up

Chromatic Commandos is nearly done its first draft. I've already gotten some good words about the character and combat rules and soon the introduction, Referee and Sample Setting/Adventure will be complete.

I'm in the market for a name credit only (since CC will be pay-what-you-want) person who would be interested in creating the character sheet for the game. Graphic Design is no where close to my forte so I'm a bit lost in the how to (as the mock up will show). So below is my mock-up of how I'd like the sheet to be set-up ... any advise?

Magic Item - Whipping Boy

New Magic Item for Swords & Wizardry Whipping Boy The Whipping Boy is a small figure made of clay that has a vaguely humanoid appearance. When a drop blood is placed on the Whipping Boy the Clay figure takes on the appearance of the blood’s owner bonding itself to the owner. Legend has it that the Whipping Boy was first created by Zulan Cultists when the Ar’kree roamed the world. Used by the Cultist to protect themselves from the slave rebels who dared attempt to overthrow the Zulan Empire and seal the Ar’kree away. While worn by the owner of the blood the Whipping boy has a 75% chance of taking the damage its owner would have received. Once that damage exceeds 30 points the Whipping Boy will crumble into dust and the former owner must succeed a Saving Throw are be inflicted with all the damage the Whipping boy took for him. Thankful, Whipping Boys are exceedingly rare, but from time to time the can be found in the ancient temples of the Ar’kree or in some nobles private collection.

Quick Note - X-Plorers' Centaur Class by BD Games

Hot on the Heels of BD Games' Xplorers Quick Start guide is the Centaur Class and optional rule set for Brave Halfling's Xplorers rpg.

At this point it seems certain that BD Games have taken the reins of the Xplorers franchise out of Brave Halfling's hands, much in the same way that White Wolf took over Ravenloft with 3.5 of Dungeons & Dragons. For me I now don't have a clue as to were I stand in the grand scheme of things. I have two Xplorers projects on the burners and had outlines for several more in the near future.

Wait and see I suppose.

As for the Centaur Class and Optional Rules Supplement:

 The centaur class is okay but to me far more suited to a cyberpunk style game than Xplorers. The backstory for the class is interesting reading and the mechanics are quite well put together. Still, not something I would use in an Xplorers game outside of an NPC class or such.

The optional rules deal with space and space combat. Truthfully I was a tad bit worried when I …

Quick Note - X-Plorers of Terra Nova

No, no, no I am not annoucing yet another project, but this one goes out to +John Adams and Brave Halfling games. Xplorers rules in a Dinosaur setting. Crashed spaceship leads to a colony or time travel alternate timeline. So that is the idea that popped into my head as I was laying on a couch, wishing to be dead, and listening to the new episode of Save or Die.

Quick Note - Fever-addled Ramblings

I am sitting at my desk regretting the fact that I am currently alive thanks to this damned cold and staring dumbly at my “character creation” doc for the Modern Setting/OSR rule set I’m working on. Is this really needed I keep think in the few moments of time my fever addled brain allows conscious thought. How many times does a player need to read “list of common terms” or review what bonuses he gets with an 18 strength? Hell it might be all the drugs, steroids and cough drops talking but I wonder if I can just excise the entire section out of the blasted book. Then I think of maybe that FATE kid or White Wolf kid seeing some Urban Fantasy OSR book and thinking “Woah! I’m gonna check this out!” only to be lost when I start talking about bonuses and modifiers and rolling 3d6+con modifiers … I start to think shit I could lose my whole audience. Then I go back to typing and find myself drooling at a nearly blank screen … I’m pretty sorry I typed “goat” ten times for no reason … and thin…

Quick Note - Adventures in the East Mark Released

With everyone else talking about Dungeons & Dragons released release schedule it seems that X-tra Dimensional's release of the Adventures in the East Mark Red Box has been largely ignored. The pdf of the the Red Box is now available over at drivethrurpg and I'm pretty sure the physical box will be available soon. It has a price point of $12.99 and is a take of he Red Box of '81. I should have a few thoughts by the end of the week but for now, check it out and maybe wishlist it!

From drivethru:
The Spanish game "Aventuras en La Marca del Este" began from the mind of Pedro Gil as a homebrew campaign for some friends in Spain playing the world's most famous game as devised in Frank Mentzer’s (BECMI) Red Box with 9 starter classes and new rules on mounted combat, aerial combat, seafaring and ship battles.  Now, many years later, it is one of the most popular role-playing games in Spain. By enlisting incredible artists that are now rising stars in the RPG indu…

Quick Note - The Many Projects of Genius Loci Games

Last night on a whim I started something ... again, and so I am updating everyone out there on where we stand with the various projects:

Lights over Innsfjord - Alpha version mostly written, revising the cells and temple to better reflect what I wanted to do with this adventure.

Miracle of Science - Mostly written, going through some minor changes in the areas to reflect that this is a bit bigger than a 2-page adventure.

Helena's Gauntlet - Finished Residential distracts 1 and 2 and fleshed out NPCs. Removed subway access to improve timeline and remove confusing writing.

Spectres of Usarm - the PbP playtest begins very soon and last minute revisions should come following that. Waiting on cover art by U369 the artist who did the cover of Under the Horn and the background for this blog (which is the cover art for Innsfjord)

Chromatic Commandos - Finishing up Mecha (zord) rules shortly and then working on enemy and sample setting/adventure. Want to start a playtest by July over Hango…

Basic Modern - Magic Users

Yeah, couldn't help myself. Enjoy!

Council Mage You grew up on the streets and learned to take care of yourself by beating those who would have hurt you into the ground. You may not like what the street has made you, but you use it to your advantage and maybe to the advantage of others. Street Fighters typically become either thugs under the employ of crime bosses or as vigilantes who protect the places the police can’t or won’t. Required Attributes: Intelligence 14+, Wisdom 13+ (+5% experience Bonus) Hit Dice: 1d4 +Constitution bonus per level Defense Bonus: +1 Weapons Permitted: None

Council Mage Class Abilities Caster Zen – When Casting the Council Mage needs to be able to concentrate on his casting or risk losing the spell for 24 hours. If interrupted or distracted while spellcasting the Mage will lose the spell he is casting and has a 25% chance of losing all casting ability for 24 hours. Foci – At 2nd level the Council Mage can create a Foci that will help them channel one 1st level …