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Quick Note - Star Kids revisited

Last night was the second time I've run my Star Wars/Hero Kids mash-up. This time my daughter, Code Name: The Wife, and our friend visiting from Japan played. Given Code Name: The Wife's general dislike of tabletop games (and generally games all around) and her love of Ewoks, I  set this adventure on the Forest Moon of Endor where the players were tasked to help a tribe of Ewoks find a mystical gem known as the Heartstone. Unknown to the players, a young sith-adapt (like a dark padawan) was also seeking the Heartstone

The Heartstone, was in fact, an ancient Jedi relic which acted as a force amplifier allowing any non-force sensitive to wield the force and given any force-sensitive far greater mastery over the force.

Code Name: The Wife played an Ewok Ranger
My Daughter played a human orphan girl being raised by Ewoks and was best friends with Code Name: The Wife's character.
Japanese Friend was playing a rusted old droid who was a collection of parts from various other droids left behind by the rebels and Empire after the battle of Endor.

Leaving the Ewok village the team headed west toward the Southern Waters. At first they took Ewok gliders but a few giant birds ended that trip quickly and the droid lost her arm in the process. (This arm was later replaced with a Trade Federation battle droid arm found in a crashed, Clone Wars era ship). Aft er the crash the party continued on foot solving a few small environmental puzzles (how to get over the gorge, Giant Termite maze, etc)  and fighting some of the natural inhabitants of Endor (Giant termites) and some non-natural inhabitants (Trade Federation Droids).

After exploring the crashed Trade Federation ship the party came across a small Republic command vessel that had similarly crashed and had been turned into a home. This New Home, was guarded by aging Clone Troopers and overseen by a female Jedi named Kaslish. There were also children, women and families, all started the crew of the ship after it crashed, including the son of the Jedi whose father was one of the clone troopers.

My duaghter's orphan related the history of the Republic/Empire to the Jedi and the Clone Trooper leader (in the wonderful way non-geek children describe Star Wars). When the story ended the Clone Trooper picked up his blaster and pointed it at the party, telling them he would kill them if they spoke of the Clone's betrayal to anyone else. He then begged the Jedi to kill him, fearing that since he knew the truth now he'd be forced to kill her eventually.

And that's where we ended.


Giant Termite

Melee Attack: 3 Dice
Defense: 1 Dice
Health: Ok, Hurt, Bruised,

Melee Attack: Bite - Attack adjacent Target
Special Action: Slam - You can slam the target instead of biting it, adding 1 extra dice to the attack. However, you lose all defense until your next turn.
Bonus: Sticky drool- Target you attack with bite loss one attack dice on their next turn.


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