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Quick Note - Educational RPG? Madoushi

A new kickstarter out of the UK aims to teach native English speakers the language of Jap
an through a tabletop RPG.

From the Kickstarter:

Madoushi aims to help each player improve their vocabulary and understanding of the Japanese language.I will have native speakers of Japanese working with me every step of this project to ensure that everything you receive will be 100% correct as a teaching tool.Madoushi incorporates language learning by using two types of cards will be used to interact with the game. these are; 
Storyline cards: These cards will be used outside of attack stages. They will feature a variety of words including different types of foods, items, travel and other words that would be useful when visiting Japan.
When interacting/speaking with in game characters you must use one (or more) of these words in your interaction. This will allow for fun, creative gameplay which will be unique to every game. 
Action cards: These will be used for attack stages. They will include weapons, traps, magic and summons. Each card will include a dice roll modifier to boost your damage. These cards can also double as "Flash cards" when not in game so you can revise the words in-between games if wanted.
I am not sure how much of the system the folks at Madoushi RPG plan on being a traditional roleplaying game but the jest I am currently getting is more along the lines of a persistent world collectible card game ala the 9 Realms from the last Gamers film.
It seems very interesting especially as a fun learning tool for younger players (I'm thinking 10-15 range) and Otaku who want to better understand the culture they've fallen in love with. 
Estimated delivery date is next March and the 40 Pound buy-in seems to be a nice middle ground (I think that's in the 50's range in US dollars). And despite being more along the lines of a collectible card game (Maybe like the Pathfinder one? I haven't had the $60 to drop on that yet) I think any good GM would be able to build a nice classic Final Fantasy-style world for their players.
Now, fingers-crossed that the rest of the art is as pretty as the promo-piece!


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