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Quick Note - D&D Kre-o

Once again this year, Hasbro has dropped the ball with D&D. First came the very small, very lack-luster press release for fifth Edition, than came the total non-response of the 40th birthday of The Game, and last week the Release of the Red Wizards Encounter material without the 3.5 or 4e material in "box".

I realize that at this point this may all sound like complaining on my part but I must wonder what is going through Wizards of the Coast and parent company Hasbro's head when it comes to the Dungeons and Dragons brand. now, it isn' tlike D&D was ever a heavily promoted/marketed/pimped brand since WOTC took over, but damn you'd think there would be something more, something bigger ... a bloody f-ing commerical at least stating that D&D still exists, that hey we should go play it!

Today out of pure coursity I googled the D&D Kre-o line since I've heard nothing of it for months and find ... its out, in the wild. What?! No press release, no mention anywhere that I know of, no bloody commericals? Transformers, Star Trek and GI Joe Kre-os get commericals (if rarely) so ... WTF?!

Does Hasbro/WOTC not understand that they have a brand in their hands that, if properly handled, could net them a shit ton of money? That promoting the Kre-o line could get buyers and new blood into the actual game and its spin offs (I got my daughter playing by first introducing her to the Dungeon board game)? It makes no sense to me tha tI didn't even get so much as an e-mail from WOTC that this was actually out.

I keep hearing about how D&D is dead, its dying or it isn't relavent anymore, but honestly it doesn't need to be dear/dying and it could still be very much relavent ... all you need to do is promote and market the damned thing and stop thinking the aging fans and word of mouth is all you need!


  1. The Kre-o stuff came out around Christmas, if I remember correctly, and got swallowed up in the glut of new products. Seems like there were some commercials on Cartoon Network at the time.

    As for the 40th anniversary date thing, I think that they've got an internal date that they're going to celebrate it. I'm expecting to start seeing more than articles in IcV2, the Wall Street Journal, and the usual suspects when we get closer to the launch date. I could be wrong, but my guess is they're going to celebrate it around June - August.

  2. I saw a Kre-O commercial before the Lego Movie, which included D&D -- and this was the first me or my girlfriend had heard of it.


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