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Quick Note - At it Again

Started work on another short adventure wheile I wait for the caves of Innsfjord to flesh themselves out in at home playtesting. This will be my very first mid-level adventure (outside of Three Knocks at the Crypt Door). It is definately going to be bigger than my Two-Page adventures but not by much, five to ten pages at most ... with maps.
Can anyone guess the theme for this one? Welp, I'm not telling! I can say that this has been fun to do because of the puzzles. I'm not typically a puzzle person; I prefer traps. So this is really fun! I'm hoping to have text done by the end of next week with maps done by Tuesday the 11th. I'm contacting my U369 tomorrow about doing the cover ... I hope I can get him for a third time.
So thoughts, opinions, screams for me to stop already?
Oh and to th eCartographer's Apprentice. I'm finished your stats, just have to type everything up. 

Quick Note - JD2 Darkland Moors

Jeff Dee (Classic D&D cover artist) has just released his second OSR module (and Kickstarter stretch goal) "JD2 Darkland Moors" over at RPGnow. This adventure is a follow-up to "JD1 Cess-Pit of the Bog-Queen" (reviewed here by Erik Tenkar). As it was a kickstarter stretch goal I got my copy yesterday but have only been able to do a quick digital flip through of the adventure. It is meant for players between the levels of three and five and from my quick look is a traditional HEXcrawl game. Artwork is sparse, but the cover ... oh man, the cover! ... is amazing in its black and white glory!

From RPGnow:

A huge, monstrous presence rampages through the farms and villages of Darkland Moors, throwing the locals’ formerly peaceful lives into turmoil. What manner of giant is responsible, where is it taking its captives, and what is their fate? To restore peace, our heroes must scour the misty Moors and track the beast to its lair! This is the sequel to JD1 Cess-Pit of t…

Quick Note - The Caverns Of Ugard

More of a shout-out than anything else. +Shane Ward of The 3 Toadstools blog has just released a dungeon and map created using the pattern that I linked to last night. This dungeon, "The Caverns of Ugard", is particularly awesome on Shane's part and serves as an inspiration to my humble-self as a a guide and a slap in the head for my own future work.

It is a very good dungeon, a great set piece to be flung into nearly any LL or B/X style game. Goand take a look!

The Caverns of Ugard

Quick Note - Cheat and still Dyson up those maps

This is a tempting little piece of tech for all of us who are middling at best in our ability to draw hand drawn maps.

Map Hash Pattern for GIMP by Morgajel over at RPGnow as a Pay-What-You-Want title.

while not my cup of tea (I've come to enjoy the zen of drawing my little pebbles) I can see the possibilities for use by small one man games like myself or for personal maps for home games. Morgajel has a bunch of resources available at drive through, in the form of brushes or placeable object.

Quick Note - Before the Internet ...

As I've said in a few challenge posts that I have made in the past, I did not actually start roleplaying or having an understanding of roleplaying until I was in my twenties (22 to be exact!). That being said I missed the whole play-by-mail thing by a mile. By the time gaming entered my life Yahoo Groups and various web forums were around. I was big into the ruleless Yahoo Group scene playing in multiple games at once. I found them to be an expression in improv. writing and wit ...two things I really needed help in so I could grow as a writer.

Now, that doesn't mean I wasn't involved in any kind of pbm games. While I didn't know it at the time I was really into a Lord of the Rings pbm that was going in the mid 90s. It wasn't a small personal thing like tabletop games were but a huge war game with hundreds of players. I don't know how I managed it but I ended up in control of a small force of Dunedain Rangers that I typically coordinated with two other players.W…

Game Geeks - Your Mission if you Choose to Accept it ...

Game Geeks wasn't able to do a review this week (A shame since he was starting to pick back up again after a few years of very few reviews) but they did instead give us, the Community, homework. And honestly it is some homework that I have been wondering about myself of late to ask in this blog: Pick a TV Series and talk about it as an inspiration to gaming. Systems are optional.

My pick? Fox's "Sleepy Hollow" using Eden Studio's Cinematic Unisystem (Buffy/Angel). The show itself is great dark urban fantasy and is really building a strong mythological foundation that can be easily expanded upon and "blown up" to encompass more than just the titular town.

I have honestly been questioning using the show as the inspiration for a Salem based Sabres and Witchery game.

So, how about everyone else? What television shows, past or present inspire you and your games?

In other news the awesome and indomitable +Christopher Helton was kind enough to share a page full…

Raceless Classes of Eira - The Prodigal

Below is the final raceless class for the Eira Setting and joins the other two raceless classes that have come before it. Originally, the Prodigal went by the name "Wanderer" and was the only race-based class for the dropped "Changeling" race. The Changeling was dropped as a race when it was decided to make the Sidhe (Au and Un) a non-player race to streamline the setting a bit and to make the world less crowded.  For a time I considered putting the Changeling back in but ultimately the race was axed with the thought that maybe someday it would show back up in a special way ... but if not, oh well.
While reading the Prodigal you'll notice I've decided to keep with the magic system alterations I came up with for The Caster (One of the 3 Human Classes) ... however, it wasn't easy as I wanted the Prodigal to be a completely accidental magic-user/jack-of-all-trades type of character. Some refinement is definately needed in ways of explaining how magic works …