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Quick Note - Publishing updates!

Been a rather busy week for me in regards to life and family, but hopefully the grand ocean of marriage preperation, post peak debriefs and sick children will calm a bit in the coming weeks and allow me to get back into the flow of the blog and Genius Loci Games.

I've given myself a hard finish date for the first complete draft of Lights over Innsfjord. March the 1st will be when I set the deadline which will allow me to go into editing and playtesting the adventure as a whole instead of in compontent parts (currently I have been sending people through the various dungeons but not through the storyline).  I am hopeful that I can get a roll20/hangouts group and possibly even a live group going (if the local gaming shop is interested in it).

The Nest, my 2-page adventure for Brave Halfling Games' X-Plorers is saling rather well with 20 copies sold since release this month. I haven't hear danything positive or negative yet about it but with the numbers I'm seeing I can honestly say I'm hopeful for its success asa worthy RPG adventure. That said, I am nearly done the Edge of Space conversion for the adventure and I hope to have it up by the end of the month.

Speaking of Edge of Space, my next adventure for the system, Helena's Gauntlet, is coming along and I have picked up some stock art to help fill the adventure up. I am hoping to find someone to make a ingress style city map for the adventure, but I've had little luck in such so far.

I'm also busy with a new Arame story as well as expanding the previous one (The Robathen's Coin) into a more meaty piece. If anyone purchased the original run they'll get the update version of the story for free.

Finally, I have already started to compile information and individual creatuers to begin to fill the second creature guide with the new stat block. I am hoping to be able to use what I've made off of the first creature guide as well as my other releases to fund the only negative aspects of the original creature guide; the lack of art.

My hope is for the second creature guide to feature around fifty creatures with art for at least half of them. 


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