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Quick Note - Arame of Quater

With the release of "The Robathen's Coin" I could not help but get excited and go ahead and create the main character, Arame, using the Swords and Wizardry rules.

If you haven't already, check out the story, there is a link to it on the Genius Loci Products page.


Name: Arame
Race: Human - Quateran
Class:  Thief
Alignment: Neutral
Saving Throw: 13
Health: 3d4 - 14
Level: 3
Experience(x10%): 4,000

Table 1 – Statistics

Table 2 – Thief Skills
Success Percentage
Alternate System *
Climb Wall
Delicate Task
Hear Sounds
4 in 6
Hide in Shadow
20 + 5 (cloak)
Move Silently
Open Lock
*Alternate thief skill system requires a roll of a single d20 dice to be equal to or greater than the listed number. To discover further alternate numbers split the d20 into four quadrants and figure previous percentage into quadrant.  

Special Abilities:

Backstab – Gains a +4 To Hit and deals damage on a successful surprise attack.
Saving Throw Bonus – Gains a +2 on all saves against devices to include traps, wands, staffs and magic devices.
Read normal Languages – 80% chance of being able to read and understand maps, documents, etc written in most mundane languages.
Mark of the Ar’Kree – If discovered by any Ar’Kree or servants of the Ar’Kree will be attacked and suffer an additional +1 damage from any successful attacks.


2 Daggers – 1d4+1 Damage, +1 To Hit
Gauntlets – 1d4 Bashing Damage, -1[+1] to AC[AAC]
Aba – Traditional Black clothing of female Quaterans. Long and flowing the aba covers over 90% of the wearers body and makes identifying them a difficult task (-5 to any save). The dark nature of the aba gives the wearer (if a thief) a natural +5% (-2) on all Hide in Shadows checks.


  1. If you are trying to keep the same probabilities in the D20 thief skills as in the percentiles, you need to tweak a bit:

    Move Silently 15+
    Hear Sounds 11+
    Delicate Task 16+
    Hide in Shadows 16+


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