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Possible New Thing - Genius Loci Scenarios!

This is possibly a new thing for the blog, something I may do once or twice a month to fill in a content gap here or there. This one coming up now is my first attempt at one of these "one page adventures" or scenario as I just called mine. honestly though I am still unsure about this one and in some ways the continuation of a lot of the content side of things on the site as there seems to be no eyes for them anymore.

May have worn out my welcome in such things.


Genius Loci Scenarios – Market Day

Scenarios are meant to be one to one and a half  page  little fillers to be just thrown into any game and at any appropriate point within that game. Mostly they consist of a pre-planned encounter with a bit of story involved.


Once a month the town holds a grand market, where venders from all over come to hawk their wares, offer special discounts and otherwise try to separate people from their coin purses.

One this particular market day two tinkers have set up their stands across from one another. Both are mages of some ability, both sale magical (or possibly magical) wares, and both like to be the center of the stage.

The first is Razion the Greeneyed, a short, portly fellow who is balding, smells of garlic and has a travel cart over heaping with clockwork toys and small chests.

Razion: HD 6; HP 18; Atk Staff 1d4; Save 13; Mv 6 [30’]; Al L; Special Light, Pyrotechnics, Monster Summoning I & II

The second is a tall, gangly fellow olive skin, long black hair in a pony tail and has a cart perfectly packed with neatly labeled chests. He is named Talivon the Elegant.

Talivon: HD 6; HP 16; Atk Staff 1d4; Save 13; Mv 6 [30’]; Al N; Special   Charm Person, Invisibility, Monster Summoning I, II, III

 The two mage tinkers have, unfortunately for the town, gotten into a game of one-ups-men-ship with one another in the very center of the town square. Both men are opening magical wares and products and allowing the results to fly.

The Scenario

As the players enter the town square to the smell of lavender, baked chocolate cookies and the sound of topical birds singing they can see pink and crimson smoke billowing from the center of a small crowd of people.

The two mages are opening a variety of their products, each trying to show that they are the better magical tinker.

Roll both mage’s displays  two or three times, describing the wizards “duel” taking place. If you happen to roll the same result twice either roll again or make something funny up.

Table 1  - Razion’s Wares
Roll (1d6)
An illusionary Dragon
A fireworks work display
Mirror Image w/changing clothes
A smoke cloud that cleans everything it touches.

Table 2  - Talivonn’s Wares
Roll (1d6)
Reads any text in any language back to the listener
A rave –worthy light show with music
Lengthens/shortens hair on command
Live-size interactive illusions of toys

After the third time displaying their wares and how much better they are than one another a great billowing cloud of smoke over takes the market square as the two mages attempt one last display. As the smoke clears a roar shakes the paving stones of the market place and a giant can be seen standing between the two mages … who quickly faint in pure terror.

Giant Child, Hill

Type: Fae, Lesser
Hit Dice: 3+2
Armor Class: 6 [13]
Attacks: Fist (2d4)
Saving Throw: 8
Special: Hurl boulders (2d8)
Move: 14
Alignment: Chaos
Challenge Level/XP: 4/120

Once the threat of the Hill Giant Child has been neutralized the players have a few options. They can join the town folks who want to tar and feather the two mages, attempt to stop the tarring and feathering or simply walk away. Eventually however, the parents of the giant Child will come looking for their suddenly vanished child and the town, the mages and the players should be on their guard.


  1. Interesting, but seems a bit of a passive situation for the PCs until the giant child shows up, and maybe then.

  2. I like the concept. I have a hard time not seeing the adventurers kill the poor child though. You might consider writing in an objective for the adventurers to manage not to do so if avoidable.


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