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Innsfjord Preview - The Crypt's Final Room

So this post is a little double sided. On one hand it is a preview to continue to attempt to drum up support and interest in Lights Over Innsfjord. On the other  - as an alpha text - of the game I am also attempting to see what people think of the current wording of this location/event.

As always, opinions are greatly looked for.

The Altar (C-8)

C-8. The Altar, Corrupted
Three stairs, carved out of cavern stone lead down into the natural cavern. A small almost circular landing, damp with tide water, greets the players’ feet. Around them the drip of water from the ceiling above is the only sound to be heard. Sixty feet ahead, on stone altar carved from and outcropping of wet stone, lay the mutilated body of a young girl, barely in her teens. 

The players should immediately feel a weight on them when they enter the altar room. A sense of foreboding and evil that permeates the natural cavern, causing the players to potentially become unnaturally frightened (save negates, acts as fear spell). 

This altar room and the horrible sacrifice that has been committed in this room are the reason for the corruption and restless undead within the crypts. While not immediately apparent, any cleric or priest class with a Wisdom over 14 should remember from their years of schooling that cleansing the altar should also undo the corruption of the site.

Should the players ignore the altar, or choose to inform Cleric Ghitsy Honorbond, of the cause then the Crypts will become a major genius loci known as a “Hob of Old” within 1d4 days of the discovery of the altar and news of Ghitsy’s death while attempting to cleanse the altar will reach the players within 1d4 weeks of the event.

Should the players choose to attempt to cleanse the altar on their own they will find that the girl has Outsider markings covering her body. Study of these marking will show that whoever murdered the girl was attempting to open a stable Gate to the Outside.

Once the girl is removed from the altar the players will hear a loud, echoing tearing sound, followed by a flash of bright light. When the light clears they will find themselves facing a Gate Leech.

Gate Leech: HD 2;AC 6 [13];Atks: Slam (1d6), bite (1d4 + Con Drain)ST 16; MV 6 [30’] Al Ch; CL/XP 3/60; Special: successful bite attack has chance to drain Con (save negates), Magic does half damage


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