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Ice Priestess - OSR Class for any setting

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Ice Priestess
Hailing from the far northern reaches of the world, the Ice Priestess is a female born to the nomadic tribes of the north who are born with a connection to the very spirits of the ice and snows.

Generally considered to be a natural born sage and spirit-talker by her tribe the Ice Priestess holds a place of honor, power and privilege that few others can obtain.

During her youth an Ice Priestess is sent away from her tribe on a sojourn to learn the nature of her powers as well as what fate the Spirits of Ice and Snow have in store for her and her tribe.

Prime Attributes: Wisdom + 15 (5% Experience Bonus)
Required Attributes: Wisdom + 13
Maximum Level: 10
Hit Dice: 1d4
Weapons permitted: None
Armor Permitted: None
Of the Ice: Immune to all cold effects
Child of Ice: Can create, manipulate and use ice to her will (see Ice Priestess abilities).
Ice Dart: Can create a ranged projectile of ice that deals 1d2 damage.

Ice Priestess Abilities
At the start of every level the Ice Priestess rolls 1d6, the result of this roll is the amount of abilities she has access to per day. The Ice Priestess cannot use abilities that are above her level, nor can she allocate all her abilities to one level.

Level 1

-          Ice Shield – When cast grants -1[+1] to AC [AAC] for 1d4 + level rounds
-          Ice Shard – When caste deals 1d6 + level damage to a single target

Level 3
-          Ice Construct – When caste creates a simple inanimate construct of the Ice Priestess’s choice for 1d6 rounds. If a weapon it deals the same damage as the same weapon from the equipment list.

Level 5

-          Create Minor Ice Minion – When caste creates a 1hd, semi-sentient creature for 1d6 rounds who will obey every command given by the Ice Priestess.

Minor Ice Minion – HD 1; Atk 1d4; AC 9[10]; SV 19; MV 9 [45’]; AL Neu; CL/XP 1/15 Spec Nil

Level 7

-          Freeze Water – When caste can solidly freeze 10 gallons + Level of water for 1d4 rounds.

Level 9

-          Create Major Ice Minion – When caste creates a 4hd semi-sentient creature for 1d8 rounds who will obey every command given by the Ice Priestess

Major Ice Minion – HD 4; Atk 2d6; AC 5[14]; SV 13; MV 9 [45’]; AL Neu; CL/XP 4/120 Spec Nil

Ice Priestesses and Weather
Depending on the environment the Ice Priestess is present in she may receive a positive or negative modifier to her abilities as well as need to make a save for her own health.

Warm Weather environments – In environments south as topics or deserts the Ice Priestess receives a -2 to all abilities and can only cast have of her daily allotment of abilities. Further while in such an environment the Ice Priestess must daily succeed a saving throw or lose 1d4 health due to the heat.
Temperate Weather Environments – In environments of a temperate climate the Ice priestess receives no positive or negative modifiers to her abilities and does not need to make a saving throw. Further she can cast all of her daily allotment of abilities.

Cold Weather Environments – In environments such as tundras, the Ice Priestess receives a +2 to all abilities and can cast her daily allotment of abilities +2.

Table 1 - Ice Priestess Advancement
Hit dice (d4)
Saving Throw


  1. Level 10: Create Ice Fortress! She should probably also have the ability to create snowstorms - Icy Blast? Might just be a distraction at low level (blindness, loss of DEX bonus due to shivering or slippery?)

    This concept has real, um . . . legs. And not just 'cause of the fancy dress.


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