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Generic Monsters for Any Setting - The Gate Leech

New creature for everyone to look at and use as they see fit. As usual I hope it is enjoyed and feedback is also greatly appreciated!

Outsider Gate Leech
 El stepped toward the floating eldritch ball and let out a breath. A stable gate to the Outside was a dangerous thing for if nothing else the parasites that were attracted to the power of them. Taking another step forward the mage’s foot slipped in a slimy ichor. She stopped, her eyes darting around the room; a stone of fear settling in her gut.

Type: Outsider
Hit Dice: 2
Armor Class: 6 [13]
Attacks: Slam (1d6), bite (1d4 + Con Drain)
Saving Throw: 16
Special: Plasma Drain, Magic does half damage
Move: 6 [30’]
Alignment: Chaos
Challenge Level/XP: 3/60

A barely sentient creature from beyond the planes of reality, the Outsider Gate Leech feeds off the energies created when a tear – or “gate” – between the mortal realms and the outside are created. Feeding off of this energy the Gate Leech grow large and powerful and attempt to protect their food source at all cost.

Despite coming from the twisted Outside, the Gate Leeches have proven themselves as able guardians of Gates and as such have not been destroyed by bigger, badder or stronger Outsiders for purely utilitarian reasons. However, despite their weakness compared to other outsiders the Gate Leech should never be under-estimated.

Due to soaking in so much of the magical energies that sustain a stable Gate to the Outside, the Gate Leech is especially immune to magic and magical effects and can easily shrug off most of the effects of magic.

The bite of the Gate Leech is also dangerous due to its blood – or plasma – draining effects. Should anyone be bitten by a Gate Leech and fail a Saving Throw he or she will lose 1 point of Constitution. To make matters worse that point is then transferred to the Gate Leech as a hit point.


The Outsider Gate Leech is one of the 5 creatures I have already created for the next creature manual. The text needs a little revision but over-all a decently low level outsider to torment a party with.

Honestly, I am starting to wonder if a 4th had a good idea with "minions"


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