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Quick Note - 2 Page Fantasy

Working on a new 2-page adventure for drive-thru. This time I'm doing a fantasy dungeon crawl for level 2-4 that I hope to be done, typed and playtesting on Monday.
Not going to ruin the story just yet, but it should be a fun little delve and has some strong (in places) but fun mix of monsters to contend with.

Diwata - A Race/Class for OSR rule sets

The Diwata was my part in the OSR Cares package from last December. It is a race as class and draws inspiration from Filopino folklore and some modern fantasy sources like Codex Born.

Diwata-By Johua De Santo Genius Loci Games In Philippine mythology the diwata are benevolent or neutral spirits that are invoked ritually for positive crop growth, health, and fortune. The Diwata spirits may also incur illness or misfortune if not given proper respect. They are said to reside in large trees and are the guardian spirits of nature; casting blessings or curses upon those who bring benefits or harm to the forests.
Diwata can be born from any type of tree, however, the tree must be one of considerable age (500 years plus) and from a climate that could be considered under the influence of Good or Lawful deities. In some respects the Diwata are the avatar of the tree that birthed it and have an inborn sense of curiosity and wanderlust.
All Diwata are female in appearance, tall with a lithe figure a…

For Midgard!!! New Bundle of Holding full of Northern thews and dark fantasy

New Bundle of Holding is a Kobald Press take-over  with the City of Zobeck and Midgard campaign setting for Pathfinder. I haven't played the system in a few years but I'm willing to take a look and at the current bonus buy-in of $15.00 it isn't too bad for 8 books.

Been thinking of delving back into Pathfinder for awhile now since I haven't had luck with getting into and Swords & Wizardry games, and the Open Barrowmaze game I joined just never seemed to happen (not on the LL but on my part, 1900 Sundays turned out to be a problem).

So if you're interested in Northern/Western medieval dark fantasy this might be a good bet to look at.

Ice Priestess - OSR Class for any setting

Daughter is watching "Let it Go" from Disney's Frozen for the hundredth time! HELP!!!

Ice Priestess Hailing from the far northern reaches of the world, the Ice Priestess is a female born to the nomadic tribes of the north who are born with a connection to the very spirits of the ice and snows.
Generally considered to be a natural born sage and spirit-talker by her tribe the Ice Priestess holds a place of honor, power and privilege that few others can obtain.
During her youth an Ice Priestess is sent away from her tribe on a sojourn to learn the nature of her powers as well as what fate the Spirits of Ice and Snow have in store for her and her tribe.

Prime Attributes: Wisdom + 15 (5% Experience Bonus)
Required Attributes: Wisdom + 13 Maximum Level: 10 Hit Dice: 1d4 Weapons permitted: None Armor Permitted: None Of the Ice: Immune to all cold effects Child of Ice: Can create, manipulate and use ice to her will (see Ice Priestess abilities). Ice Dart: Can create a ranged projectile…

Quick Review - Lost city of the Dwarves Part One - Discovery

I’ve been on death’s door since Sunday with a stomach virus so bare with me as I’m solely existing on antibiotics and my wife’s chicken noodle soup. ~*~ Lost city of the Dwarves: Discovery is a “choose your own adventure” style, single player d20 based roleplaying game developed by Pen & Forge Productions (although there is a multi-player supplement). It is a meaty little volume of somewhere around 250 pages. I picked up the POD version of the book last summer with the express purpose of re-living my childhood recess days when, instead of playing with other kids, I guided an erst-while teen through time and space, a wizard’s apprentice through the trails of avenging his master and so many other adventures … Outside of Howard, Dowell, and Tolkien that book series/gimmick had the biggest effect on my future choice of hobbies and loves. I finally got around to reading/playing my copy of Lost City of the Dwarves last Saturday. I had intended to spend some of my down time re-reading the f…

Quick Note - Publishing updates!

Been a rather busy week for me in regards to life and family, but hopefully the grand ocean of marriage preperation, post peak debriefs and sick children will calm a bit in the coming weeks and allow me to get back into the flow of the blog and Genius Loci Games.

I've given myself a hard finish date for the first complete draft of Lights over Innsfjord. March the 1st will be when I set the deadline which will allow me to go into editing and playtesting the adventure as a whole instead of in compontent parts (currently I have been sending people through the various dungeons but not through the storyline).  I am hopeful that I can get a roll20/hangouts group and possibly even a live group going (if the local gaming shop is interested in it).

The Nest, my 2-page adventure for Brave Halfling Games' X-Plorers is saling rather well with 20 copies sold since release this month. I haven't hear danything positive or negative yet about it but with the numbers I'm seeing I can ho…

Quick Note - The D&D Next Launch Event

I will leave the details of and the beliefs in or against the multi-media launch of Dungeons and Dragons Fifth Edition and the event to better minds and pens than myself (see Dyvers and Tenkar's Tavern). Why, because I'll pick up the books that come out and pour over them the same way I did with the much quieter Abysmal Plague event and if there are any Encounters groups or launch games taking place in my area I will enjoy them.
No, I will focus on the story blurb published over on Wizards of the Coast's website:

Awhite dragon plunders caravans heading north to Icewind Dale. In the Silver Marches, a scornful red dragon torches a town that refuses to pay a king’s ransom. Elsewhere, dragon-worshiping barbarians in Viking longships attack merchant vessels leaving Neverwinter, while masked heathens infiltrate a noble villa in Waterdeep, murder its lord, and steal a draconic artifact.
Dragons and their allies are threatening the Sword Coast and the North, but why now, and to wh…

Another challenge ... accepted?

Appears that their is another challenge set up to begin on the first of February courtesy of d20 Dark Ages. I'm tempted to throw in since I did enjoy last September's 30 day challenge. However, that challenge also burnt me out a little so I'm not really too sure.

I suppose we'll find out on the first!

Some very interesting questions this time around, which is pleasing. No filler or kind of out there questions.

Childreeeeeeeeen in Spaaaaaaaaace!!!!

This weekend I did something that would probably get me killed if I ever attempted to put it up on the blog. I ran a game of +Justin Halliday's  Hero Kids ... in space ... with plasma swords and laser guns and android pets ... it was a lot of work. Honestly through the split coffee, the tangled mess of scotch tape (my one-year-old got to my notes) and everything else, I have no idea if I would ever be able to post anything.

The one caveat all the parents in my daughter's game have is that I'm not allowed to post pictures of their kids online, which means no pictures of the game either. Makes me a little sad, really. The kids love the bi-weekly gaming session,  and oddly last weekend's one shot  was their favorite to date.

Rules wise, nothing much changed except the lack of caster types and certain melee based types. So no brutes or warlocks, but the healer made her way through with the Medic, who was given flash bang like grenades to replace the searing light power.