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Quick Note – Video Blogs, Monsters and Mansions … Oh, my

Last week I talked of branching out and starting to do something besides the normal blog on a weekly or monthly basis. So far the thoughts of everyone seem to be in the realm of a video blog addition to the normal blog. This was the top of my list as well so I have been rather happy with the result that others seem to like it as well. Now then the question is what to do with it.
My first thought for this is to use a video blog entry to highlight play-testing of Eira material, “kid” thoughts on the modules of the old school. Why kid in quotes, because I’m 32 and didn’t start playing Dungeons and Dragons until the third edition which means that I am a kid in my own mind to the OSR community.  I think it would also be nice to use the video blog to feature other things that I have yet to think of … if anything.
If I do a video entry though I would like it to be semi good looking, I’m already wondering what I would need to do to make it look as if I’m not just sitting in front of my computer (If I had the money I’d totally go Sword & Laser or Tabletop).
This morning as my eldest daughter prepared for school she told me about a dream she had the night before. This dream involved a mansion tucked away and forgotten in a dark forest, far away from any town or village. What follows is more or less a transcription of this dream.
This mansion was old, ivy and moss crawling up the walls of the three storey brick and stone building, covering the stained glass of the windows.
This mansion, my daughter told was alive. Not like an animal or a monster, it couldn’t move or walk but it could think and plan and bring people to it. Once anyone entered the mansion they couldn’t leave it, even if they died.
The inside of the inside of the mansion was huge, with libraries, bedrooms, studies, inside gardens, kitchens, a ballroom and at its very heart, a walled in rose garden with a black fountain that had a large statue of a man with a goat head on it.
In the drawing room off the foyer was a large dollhouse and anything that happened in the dollhouse would happen in the mansion … but only if no one was in the room that the changes happened in. After a person stayed one night in the mansion a doll that looked like them would appear in the doll house.
There are lots of ghosts in the mansion but they’re mostly harmless though and don’t normally see the people that are alive. But there is a monster that haunts the mansion a huge giant of a monster that is silent and can never be heard and is always hunting the people in the mansion trying to kill them and add them to the collection of ghosts.
There is no way out of the house, it doesn’t want anyone to ever leave and wants as many people and ghosts as it can get to live, forever, inside it. The only way to get out of the house is too find out what the house is afraid of (being alone) and to use that fear against it.

For a girl who is utterly hateful of reading and tends to the “kill it now and figure out everything else later” mentality of gaming I was really surprised by this as it showed a heck of a lot of imagination and really speaks to me as a gaming location.  I couldn’t help by rub her head and tell her she had an awesome dream and that she should make it into an adventure she could run with her friends.
Considering the awesome job my daughter’s imagine did for her last night I couldn’t help be to get in on the action and so I present the Silent Boogey for your old-school fun.
Silent Boogey
Type: Undead (Unique)
Armor Class: 0 [19]
Hit Dice 10
Attack: Attacks 2 (1d6+4 Slam)
Save: 5
Move: 60
Special: Physical Damage Reduction 75%, Magical Damage Reduction 50%, Choke, Immortal
Challenge Level/XP: 9/1,100
On a success attack the Silent Boogey has a 75% chance of catching and holding the target by the throat. For every round there after the target must succeed a saving throw or be hurt for 1d4 health points from being choked.
The Silent Boggey is and immortal being and cannot truly die but only fall into a death-like state that it will awake from in 1d4 days.


  1. Using your kid's dream for gaming ideas? Awesome! Something I have to look forward in my old age. ;)

    Yeah, her dream was awesome. She deserves a cupcake! Just curious, does she watch a lot of Twilight Zone?


    1. Only on New Year's Day when the SyFy channel runs it endlessly.


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