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Quick Note - I got nothing

Nothing so much as being done tonight thanks to the real world. But I hope some enjoyment can be had over my most recent D20 Future post from the PBP game I'm in over at

A little backgorund on the game. A comet was going to hit Earth, the governments of the world united created "The Last Hope" a cyroship that would be autopiloted throughout the universe looking for a new home for the human race while a couple hundred thousand people slept in cyrosleep.

Something happened a couple hundred years later a few of the people in cyrosleep were awakened by an AI that was not part of the ship's original programing and now we're here ...


Lily chuckled at Tom’s question and shrugged. “Way too much Sci Fi intake as a kid. I would rather John Carter over Aliens any day …” she looked down at her leg and more soberly added. “ … and with recent events I’d rather be paranoid than not, sir … Tom ... Sir Tom?”
She mentally face-palmed as she backed away. She wasn’t comfortable with the informality that Tom had suggested. To her it didn’t matter if the pentagon was gone, that her entire chain of command consisted of a ship born A.I. and the pilot … She was still Army, just because the United States Army didn’t exist anymore didn’t mean that it didn’t truly exist. The discipline, the values … Lily sighed and took a seat next to Cassondra doing her best not to show how crumpled everything was for her at the moment.
Taking the moment of peace on the bridge Lily settled down to watch as Tom deftly moved the ship (with Jayne’s assistance) closer to the giant marble ahead of them and smiled inwardly at the thought of fresh air, blue skies and sun. To her it had only been two weeks since she had felt the warmth of the sun, but the reality was it had been centuries. Even if her mind couldn’t tell the difference, her body did and it CRAVED that warmth with a ferocity that scared her slightly.
She didn’t know why or even how she knew to do it, but as her own emotions toward a possible new homeworld struck her she moved her hand and griped the Doctor’s and offered the other woman a gentle smile.
Everything seemed to be going right, and then all hell broke loose.
Lights and alarms blared and screamed for attention, the ship started to tumble and pull toward the planet ahead. “Crap!” She mumbled when the ship stopped trying to scramble her. She checked those closest to her. “Everyone okay?!” She half screamed over the alarms. “Damn it, Jayne turn those off!”
Moving forward she slid into the co-pilot chair and her eyes went wide, not a bird, she thought and cracking her fingers she looked over at Tom. It’s been awhile and this is no helicopter, what do you need?
OOC: And this is why she has the +3 in pilot. Aid another on Tom’s pilot checks if I can.
Roll #1
(+2)= 16


IF anyone is interested in reading more about what is going on in this game or in PBP gaming in general check out: Last Hope (the Game) and


  1. I know that it's not on topic, but I added you to the Great Blog Roll Call. You've got an amazing blog and I really enjoy reading it. Thank you for all your hard work!


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