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Quick Note - Dyvers' and a General Update

First a most awesome annoucement: I have made it onto +Charles Akins Great Blog roll. This, for me is a great honor and Ipretty much squeeled for joy when I found out. To make it even more awesome is the great write up that Mr. Akins did for Genius Loci:

Genius Loci  This highly productive blog will re-energize you and remind you why playing Dungeons and Dragons is so worth the effort. The author has a quick mind and will make you a fan of their style of play. Always worth reading, and not read nearly enough. Updates: Daily.
So pretty much totaly awesome. If you haven't checked out the Great Blog Roll I suggest you do, I have found a good ten blogs I've not hear dof or read that I am now thoroughly enjoying.

In other news! I am watching Venger's The Island kickstarter with an almost obsessive habit as I both want it too suceed for I think Venger is rather awesome and because I gauge whether or not I can accomplish the same at some later date. As others have said before, Venger is a successful publisher who did not over burden himself on stretch goals/rewards so funding him is a good idea. I on the other hand have a single small adventure under my belt and have never previously full financed anything, so ... yeah ...

Helena's Gauntlet is still chugging along, moving from the closed in and confined space ship of "Horus Adrift" to a small open world has been challenging and I've been debating on whether or not to go to a more classic hex map for the adventure. I don't think that is what I will do since the game takes place in a good twelve blocks of a destoryed city but it is tempting.

Finishing up the clean up on the plan version of the Creature Guide and trying to figure out how to bookmark a pdf file. I am hoping to have this up on drivethru by the middle of January. Right now, I am planning on sending everyone who purchases a Pay-What-You-Want version a 50% off coupon of the final version of the game. This was picked over offering a fully free updated version over concerns from my wife over people who grab the plan version for free.

Finally, after 20 years of searching I finally got a new (actually used) copy of Del Dowdell's "Spearmen of Arn". If you want go check out my "review" of the book over at Goodreads. Expect some off topic Sword and Planet style posts in the next few weeks.  Speaking of Sword and Planet, I sure do miss that genre and want to kick Disney for botching John Carter up because if that had been a success we may have seen a resurgence in stories.

Finally and speaking of old pulp science fantasy, I have been throwing around the idea of a hollow earth play-by-post game on Google + using a mixture of Swords  & Wizardry and Sabres and Witchery. Thoughts?


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