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Quick Note - This seems interesting

This seems like a nice little use of the Pathfinder version of the D20 system.

Broken Earth Player's Guide - Pathfinder

From Drivethru:

Bombs fell. Billions died. Now you must pick up the pieces and rebuild this Broken Earth.
Broken Earth is an adventure setting that takes place in a post-apocalyptic version of Earth. It deals with a small fraction of the world, what was once the northern Midwest of the United States, and a tiny bit of southern Central Canada. As an adventure setting, Broken Earth includes many compelling locations and adventures, but also gives the heroes freedom to explore the world.
The Broken Earth Players Guide describes everything that players need to create characters for Broken Earth, including feats, powers, and setting rules.
The campaign book should be released in December 2013, and anybody who purchase the Player's Guide before the campaign book is released will receive a discount coupon for the campaign book.
The main book is coming in December and I am interested. Of course when it comes to post-apocalyptic settings it is hard to make me not interested. For God's sake, I like Solar Babies. Still seeing that cover I wonder how hard it would be to adapt this to a quick and loose Emberverse game (I know, I know I said I thought Fate would be best but I could actually PLAY this game)? I wouldn't think too hard, just remove guns, and all electronics ...

Speaking of which! I was at the hospital tday reading Protector's War and a nurse asked me about it and had the gall to say "So it's like that Revolution show?". I had so much hope for that show and it failed me hard.

Being that I am re-reading yet another Stirling book and because I am now once more thinking of playing in the Emberverse.

No serial numbers here:

Wolf Lord’s Alpha Lister
After the events, after the deaths and the running. After the cold and hunger and fear, you found yourself presented with an opportunity, damn near miracle some folk would say. You came across the Wolf Lord’s great caravan and managed to get yourself and your family if you had one an interview. By the grace of God, the Lady or the Giant Alien Space Squirrels you got accepted for some odd skill or another.

A few months of hard practice, regular meals and the hard working life of a moving people with no machines toughened you up, and on that fateful night when those bastards playing at knights and knaves attacked the camp you proved what you learned. Proved that you had the mettle to fight hard and tear victory away from those that would hurt you.

That night you showed yourself capable of being part of the Wolf’s A-Lister team … a fast, sure mobile unit. For all intents and proposes you were now in a special operations team lead by the Wolf himself.

Prime Attribute: Constitution 13+ (5% experience bonus
Hit Dice: 1d8
Weapons permitted: Long Sword, Hatchet, Long bow
Armor Permitted: All
Rider: -2 penalty instead of -4 for all to-hit rolls while mounted.

A-Lister Abilities
Living Armor – The A-Listers spend a good portion of their days in their armor with nearly no breaks until meal times. As such the weight of their armor has no effect on them and they receive no movement penalty while wearing heavy armor.

Horse Lords – All of the Wolfkiller clan train with horses and how to ride them. A-Listers, however, spend more time with a select horse, one that is theirs and no one else’s. As such, while mounted on their horse the A-Lister receives a -1 penalty instead of a -2 (or -4) to all mounted combat checks.

Saving Throw Bonus – A-Listers receive a +2 bonus to poison saving throws.

Saving Throw


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