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Quick Note - Innsfjord just got bigger

Doing a lot of work on Innsfjord today. Total collected page count is currently 15 pages (including "cover" credits page and table of contents), that is pretty big considering I originally meant the entire thing to be 15 pages and I'm not yet close to done (see previous update).

The Village of Innsfjord itself has increased in actual page-size as well after some feedback from my previous previews. We now have some rumor connections, new NPCs and a 6 part subsection under I-11 Innsfjord Cottages highlighting some of the homes and families of Innsfjord (preview of two such residents below).

I'm not going to lie, this can sometimes be daunting and time-consuming work. I figured after Horus this would be a breeze ... it isn't as I'm partially world building with Innsfjord and constantly re-aligning my vision toward new ideas that I think are cool and fit well with the story.

From a technical standpoint I really, really wish I still had MS Word. I've come to love Libreoffice for all my normal writing, blog writing and letter writing but it does not suit well for adventure making.


c.‭ ‬Saari Cottage

The cottage does not seem to be big enough to hold the family that it does.‭ ‬A young harried-looking woman is the cottage's mistress,‭ ‬wife and mother to the seven children who can be seen running around the property,‭ ‬working on small chores or being yelled at for some minor mischief.

Savi Saari tries to run the house with an iron fist,‭ ‬and her barking voice is proof of that,‭ ‬however,‭ ‬there are just too many people and the players can see that her slow loss of grip is fraying at the woman who seems to always have a frying pan in hand.‭

Rudi Saari,‭ ‬her husband,‭ ‬like many of the fishermen in Innsfjord is still going onto the fjord every day despite the failing hauls and the rotten fish that those hauls produce.‭ ‬As such he has a‭ ‬45%‭ ‬chance of not being home when the players are there.

There children are divided between girls and boys almost evening and are between the ages of two and fourteen.‭ ‬The only one among them of note is Fourd,‭ ‬who is apprenticed to the local blacksmith and has a‭ ‬40%‭ ‬chance of not being home when the players are there.

Rudi‭ & ‬Savi Saari‭ (‬Normal Humans‭)‬:‭ ‬HD‭ ‬1d6hp‭; ‬HP‭ ‬4,‭ ‬3‭; ‬AC‭ ‬9‭[‬10‭]; ‬Atk‭ ‬1‭ ‬dagger‭ (‬1d4‭); ‬Move‭ ‬12‭; ‬Save‭ ‬18‭; ‬AL‭ ‬N‭; ‬CL/XP B/10‭; ‬Special:‭ ‬None.

Fourd‭ (‬Normal Humans‭)‬:‭ ‬HD‭ ‬1d6hp‭; ‬HP‭ ‬4‭; ‬AC‭ ‬9‭[‬10‭]; ‬Atk‭ ‬1‭ ‬forge hammer‭ (‬1d4‭)‬,dagger‭ (‬1d4‭); ‬Move‭ ‬12‭; ‬Save‭ ‬18‭; ‬AL N‭; ‬CL/XP B/10‭; ‬Special:‭ ‬None.

d.‭ ‬Exile's Cottage

The cottage's interior is overly warm as a huge fire burns in the hearth almost always and the windows have been shuttered.‭ ‬Shelves are lined with thick tomes and more types of ale and wine than the players have names for.‭

The owner of the cottage is known as Exile,‭ ‬and will refuse to give his real name even if threatened with violence.‭ ‬He is a short man,‭ ‬with a long graying beard,‭ ‬shining amber eyes and strange runic tattoos covering his face.

In truth the Exile is a dwarf,‭ ‬although no one in Innsfjord or the surrounding area have ever met one besides him or even believe in them.‭ ‬If a dwarf‭ (‬or someone who reads dwarven‭) ‬is present with the party he or she will be able to read the runic tattoos and know that Exile was exiled for fratricide.‭

If the players heard the rumor that the Exile caught something‭ “‬strange‭” ‬in his net and ask him about the rumor the Exile will show the players a large pickling jar.‭

In the jar is a small squid like creature but with large crab-like claws protruding from under its body and down past the tentacles.

Need picture‭ ‬here

The Exile(dwf3‭)‬:‭ ‬HD‭ ‬3d8hp‭; ‬HP‭ ‬22‭; ‬AC‭ ‬5‭[‬14‭]; ‬Atk1‭ ‬Dwarven Battle Axe of Returning‭(‬1d10‭ ‬Melee/Missile‭) ‬When thrown returns like a boomerang to thrower's hand‭; ‬Move‭ ‬12‭; ‬Save‭ ‬12‭; ‬AL L‭; ‬CL/XP‭ ‬3/60‭; ‬Special:‭ ‬3‭ ‬attacks against opponents with‭ ‬1HD or less,‭ ‬Can detect special stonework.


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