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Quick Note - Survey Says?!

Quick survey question (okay two questions really) for everyone out there.  As I look toward the of the blog I wonder what else I can do, I've seen some people have weekly/monthly podcasts and livestreamed google hangouts that are than shared VIA youtube. I have seen some people do podcasts aobut gaming, reviews, live play, etc. This all in mind, I ask the following of you all:

1. Do you think it would be a good idea for me to do a 5-10 minute video something once a week or month.

2. If yes, what would you like that video something to be about?

Sorry for the rather lame post tonight, but it is something that has plagued my mind in th elast few weeks. Also, I broke my wrist today at work ... typing one handed is rather time consuming.

Quick Note - Game Geeks #218 The Age of Shadow

Game Geeks is one of my long time and favorite gaming related review series. The series has slowed down in recent years and is more monthly than weekly, but still Kurt Wiegel (the host) is excellent at what he does and is very informative. I highly recommend watching.

Age of Shadow can be purchased for $2.99 at Drivethrurpg: Link

Quick Note - Five things to remember in a post-apocalyptic setting.

There are many things to remember when your combing the wastelands of a future suburbia. Mind the zombies, don't anger the mutants and remember to have a melee option. However, there are actually quite a few “real” things people would need to worry about should they want to/or have a game master who likes a little realism in their world gone to hell game.
1. Don't burn the sofa. If you need to make a fire (especially for food) don't ever use worked wood. Most woods that have been used in home construction, furniture and Cabinet making and so on have been chemically treated to last longer, stained or some combination of the two. When burned this wood releases the chemicals and can cause any number of problems. Including insanity.
2. Get a bike. Gas and electric power are going to be hard to get a hold of after a little bit of time and sooner or later it will run out all together. Breeding, caring for and feeding a horse can be difficult and you cannot run them into the …

Quick Note - A Quick Update on nearly everything

With the "peak" time of year now here for my profession I have a nasty feeling that my ability to post a lot on the blog will be greatly reduced. Just the lose of my mornings in the last two weeks has negatively affected my ability to blog and to read the materials I would like to review (heck, I'm now back to my four re-reading of Liberation of the Demon Slayer). However, I am still trying to plug away at everything I am working on for Genius Loci Games, various fan-zines (speaking of, does anyone know when +Erik Tenkar's 'zine is being released?) and this blog. As such, her is a very short update on everything I am working on at the moment.

Helena's Gauntlet

My second entry into the Edge of Space setting is moving along swiftly with alpha map designing done and mostly hand written write-ups on the different streets and areas that are left standing for the players to explore. Despite my descriptionin the short fiction piece, Helena is a very "small"…

Quick Note - Dragonshire Paper miniture site on sale

Dragonshire Deluxe Edition by Fat Dragon Games is currently on sale over at drivethrurpg for $3.25. The regular price is about $13.00 so the savings are excellent and quite honestly if your into the 3d terrian scene and on a budget you couldn't do better than these guys.

Take a look, pick it up, wow your players or bribe your Referee/GM!

Quick Note - I get Sappy!

Sometimes life can get very heavy. Things from every direction, even the unexpected directions that have no angels that a human mind can perceive strike you and weigh you down. Holidays, the shopping and money sink those Holiday’s represent, the ever-changing dynamic of family life and the collapse of a church community can all hit and hurt. Surprising I have recently found that I am afraid of my blog. After October’s tremendous, record breaking numbers (over 9,000 views!) I will sit down, begin an article or a review or just some random observations of the gaming life and get scared and start to wonder what exactly I am hoping to achieve. Is what I am about to commit to .doc and blog worthy of those 9000 views? Is what I am writing up to the level my readers expect from me? I don’t know. So far the result is a very bad blogging month for me as so much from my normal life combines with so much from my gaming life. Innsfjord hit a dead end when I realized I couldn’t afford the needed ar…

OSR Rangers - Quick and Dirty rules for Power Rangers style gaming

Character Creation – Attributes The first stage of character creation for a Power Rangers style OSR game is the most difficult stage as it is the most deviant from normal OSR rules. This is because of the differences between the character in their civilian form and their ranger form. As stated in the newest incarnation of Power Rangers, access to the “Morphing Grid” changes the baseline human in many ways. This includes making them stronger, faster and gives them knowledge and muscle memory of a veteran martial artist. However, these new abilities are often limited to the “Ranger form” of the baseline human with few exceptions. As such during the first stage of character creation the Ranger-to-be should begin with a baseline of 8 in five of his six attributes and a 10 in the sixth. After the player decides where he wants his baseline scores roll 1d6 for each attribute and add the result to the total. Once the player has created his baseline human character’s attributes it is time for him…

Quick Note - After the Storm

After the Storm Bundle 3 has just been released over at drivethrurpg. It features a lot of stuff, but in particular the OSR Cares bookwhich is 46 pages of monsters, maps, classes, races and adventures from the likes of +matt jackson+Matt Finch+Matthew Bannock and a slew more ... including myself with a new race class raced on Filipino mythology.

As with all the other After the Storm bundles 95% of the profits go to the relief effort. The package is a weighty $20.00 dollars but honestly look at this list:

        A Darkness Comes to Stormwall
A Quiet Drink With Enemies
After the Storm - Doctors Without Borders 2013
Crawl! fanzine no. 5
Crawl! fanzine no.1
Day in the Life: Gaming the Downtime
Dude, Run!
E-Z DUNGEONS: Caverns of Chaos
Fire in the Darkness
Flame Down Below
Fractured Kingdom
Fractured Kingdom: Day of the Dead
Gamescapes: Story Maps: Distant Planet 1
Gamescapes: Story Maps
Girls Elsewhere
Hack! Firearms
LOST REICH: Starter Set
Nova Praxis
Only the Worthy
OSR Cares Package: Philippines Rel…

Quick Note - Edge of Space _ Helena's Gauntlet

So last night I put up a very short little story snippet that was very obvious set in +matt jackson's Edge of Space roleplaying game system. The same system that my previously published adventure "Horus Adrift: An Edge of Space Adventure" was set in.

That story segment is the beginning of my next Edge of Space, adventure "Helena's Gauntlet" an adventure that is more everything going wrong and less about beating up aliens with exo-skeletons. In this adventure that players will take up the roll of members of the Hellreaver Squad an utterly normal military unit that just happens to be the last people left in the city of Helena after a bug assault goes horribly right. The players will guide and attempt to make it to an Evac ship near the city's center while navigating the underground, and ruined streets of Helena, all while trying to avoid the Bugs that still patrol the city.

Currently the adventure is planned to be between 12 and 18 pages in length, featu…

Quick Note - A clue to a small side project

The following is a clue and a preview and a hint at a small side project I am working on when taking a break from the ever bigger Innsfjord. no rewards or prizes if you get what it is ... and no giving it away Mr +matt jackson.

“Yaris One! Repeat, Yaris One! This is Corporal Harold of the 3rd Hellreaver squad. We need air support at grid 125,941. I repeat we need …” Harold’s voice cut off as the burning mass that was once the CSS Yaris Battle Frigate fell from the sky surrounded by the bio-illuminant plasma of Bug shooters.
The Corporal, now the ranking enlisted man in his squad fell back, his eyes wide and unbelieving as other points of burning CSS ships fell from the sky around him. In regular time the ground pulsed and shook with the violent power of each, individual crash. A few of the buildings nearby fell, but more managed to stay standing, a bit of human defiance at the end.
“Crap,” was all that managed to escape the Marine’s mouth as he picked himself back up and surveyed his…