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Quick Note - Preview of my next adventure

The below is a little snippet of one of the two halloween adventures I am craft for an end of month release. This one, while labelled as a "5-Minute Adventure" is closer in nature to a traditional adventure and will be longer. It will still use the SC (Standard Currency) label and a few other bits and pieces from 5-minutes adventures but this one is a lot less plug-n-play.

Both adventures will be Whitebox but as with everything, they'll be easy to use with Complete or Core.

As usual feedback is greatly desired.

Oh and both adventures are being written whilst listening to Darklore Manor and Midnight Syndicate.

The lighthouse has always stood on the small rock island a quarter mile off the coast of the small fishing village known as Innsfjord. As long as the citizens of the village can remember the ancient, hulking husk of the lighthouse has remained dark and empty.

Two weeks ago, on a moonless night, the light from the lighthouse shone once more. No one in Innsfjord knows who is in the lighthouse or why the light once again shines in the darkness. All they know is that the light does not appear natural. They know that anyone who looks at that unnatural light for too long is driven to madness.

More recently a heavy mist sweeps across the water toward the town every evening and that when it recedes, people, especially children, are found to be missing.

A call has gone out, heroes, adventurers, fools willing to die for a few coins. Any and all who would dare are beckoned to come to Innsfjord to discover the secret of the lighthouse and if possible stop it.

The village of Innsfjord is a small and rather poor fishing village sitting on the edge of an ancient and cold fjord. The people are a good and hearty folk, religious to a fault and hard working.

A month ago the light began to appear from the top of the lighthouse, always pointing out to see, never wavering. A few in town, notably a hedge mage named Torbise has been taking an account of the light and has learned that it is active for exactly ten hours a day.

No one in Innfjord knows why the light has appeared or what it means. Since the light appeared there has been a rash of missing children, the fishing has gone badly and the village may not be able to survive the winter if their fishing stocks aren’t recovered soon.

The lighthouse, in truth was built by a long dead demi-human empire that once controlled the majority of the northern lands and existed long before the village of Innfjord was founded. More than once other civilizations, other people have attempted to take the lighthouse as there own, but always toward a horrific end. Ever keep of the lighthouse has died under mysterious circumstances, but always bloody and always boarding on the realm of insanity causing.

The lighthouse is guarded now by the insane spirits of those dead, and the light is a beckon, a signal for Something old and ancient to follow back to the realms of mortals.

What that Something is not even the maddened wizard who is powering the light can say, only that he has had dreams of this being and that it has promised him much.


The Fog

Until the adventure is completed and the evil with in the Lighthouse defeated the fog will come into the village  every night.  During this time the villagers have taken to shutting up their homes and businesses completely and anyone caught out in the fog will be ignored by any who are in their homes.

The fog is thick and cuts visibility by 90%. Anyone caught in the fog will not be able to see past their hands and any saving throws that require the use of a person’s sense of sight will come with a -7 modifier.

If the players are caught in the fog they run the chance of being surprised by the creatures that exist in the fog. These creatures will not attempt to kill the players (or any NPCs) only to incapacitate them and drag into the waters.


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