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Quick Note - The Pile

After the release of “Horus Adrift” I must admit I was kind of burnt. I spent the weekend taking care of my son who was sick and running a fever and just trying to relax. For the most part the later wasn’t happening as it was not just my son but my wife who was sick.
This pretty much meant that my weekend and the days after were pretty much wasted in terms of gaming, game design and game related reading. I have, however, acquired quite a list over the weekend that I will now share and also beg opinions on:

a.       This is one that I’ve read a bit of, but not enough to give an actual review as of yet. However, it is the top of my list and as I’ve said before this adventure (and in my opinion mini-setting) deserves much praise to be heaped at +Venger Satanis.
2.       The Vile worm
a.       I’ve been able to glance over this one a few times, but I’ve not, as of yet, been able to set down with my “test party” to run though this short adventure. That reminds me, I need to post my test party at some point.
a.       Jeff  Dee’s kickstarter bonus for his first run of recreations of his old adventure covers. I’ve started to read this one a few times, but life, wife and children keep pulling me away. Giving that Jeff Dee’s second kickstarter brought in enough to get JD-2 produced, I’ll probably wait and do a review of both of these at once.
4.       D6 Powers
a.       Given that I’m making a superhero roleplaying game myself, I figure it is a good idea to check out what the other guys have. This is sitting on my “to get printed” pile given how big it is and I’ll hopefully be able to say something about this by Christmas
5.       Witch Girl Adventures
a.       I picked this one and the ensuing comics for my daughter more than myself. I haven’t read it yet, but I’ve “flipped” though the pages and have been quite surprised by how advanced the system seems to be. Given that it is a game meant for young girls I figured the system would be closer to “Hero Kids”.
b.      The counted comic series is fun, it’s like W.I.T.C.H and Harry Potter meets X-Men and Mean Girls.
a.       I picked up the PoD version of this because of the promise of a classic “Choose Your Own Adventure” style read. I’ve only just gotten the book, but I need dice and math so this isn’t as easy as I’d like and I tend to bring the book but forget my dice when I go to work (I have like 10 minutes of a wait time in my car that I use to read or play my PSP).
7.       Final Fantasy D6 (FFD6)
a.       I saw this one a long time ago over at the Order of the Stick forums but never picked it up. Recently due to my excessive amounts of Final Fantasy XIV playing, I decided to take the plunge and grab it. The game is free and completely unofficial and weighs in at almost 300 pages. I actually have to pick this up as I printed it and had it bound at Staples.
b.      I may start begging and bugging people about this one because outside a few WEG Star Wars games, I’ve never had a chance to play in the D6 system. And no, my daughter’s Doctor Who game doesn’t count as I was the game master.


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