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Generic Creature for any Setting (Request 2) - The Flesh (un)Relenting

This one comes courtesy of +Gennifer Bone from the RPG Design Network and was designed using Swords & Wizardry OSR ruleset.
Flesh (un)Relenting
Type: Outsider (Unique) Armor Class: 8 [11]
Hit Dice 2 Attack: Attacks 1 Fear Spike (See Special) Save: 18 Move: 30 Special: Aversion, Encroachment, Fear Spike, Outsider Gate Challenge Level/XP: 3/60 The Flesh (un)Relenting is a creation of the Masters of the Outside. An invisible stalker casted into the Mortal Realms to circumvent the ancient Laws and barriers placed upon the universe by the Gods (Order, Balance and Chaos) to prevent the Outside from leaking into the Mortal Realms. Aversion – The Flesh (un)Relenting is effectively invisible to all creatures of the Mortal Realms due the simple fact that any sane mortal’s brain would utterly refuse it’s existence and promptly forget it saw anything. Only the insane (or thus who have been stalked for too long by the Outsider) can see it. When it is seen it appears as a tall emaciated figure with a too …

Generic Creature for any Setting (by request) The Chained

Requested by +Ronald Stepp over at +RPG Design Network. I hope this is what you were looking for, man! Enjoy!
Update: I don't know why but everything I copy/paste from Word is being presented in BOLD even when it sohuldn't be. I've already contacted Google about this and I do apologize. The Chained
“Some say that Eben the money changer died of heart attack. I know better, I was in that alley where his body was found. Lay-up under a heaping of rags o that no one saw. I’m glad for it, because I don’t know what Eben saw, but me, I saw nothin’ but skin, bones and chains … chains burying themselves deep into that poor, bastard. Some say he deserved that ‘heart attack’ I don’t disagree.” – Account of a vagrant collected in DE 440.
Type: Undead (Unique) Armor Class: 1 [18]
Hit Dice 8+ target Wisdom modifier Attack: Attacks 1 (4d8 Whipping Chains, Semi-Sentient) Save: 8
Move: 30 Special: Chained Horror, Horrid Mask, Nightmare Challenge Level/XP: 5/240
To most The Chained is a myth to scare c…

Quick Note - Innfjord update

Design of Innfjord has mainly moved away from the town and over toward the wilderness area and the Forest Ruins. However, due to some extremely good and timely advice from a reader I've been slowly adjusting Innfjord to make it more organic feeling and the NPC in it to being less cut-out for a referee to give soul to.

It is rather obvious (unfortunately) that I won't be making a Halloween release. However! I am putting up an even over on google hangouts to run a 2 hour playtest this Sunday afternoon. The Light house is unfortunately not yet complete but the other areas are there to explore and play in.

Quick Note - Roll for Initiative

A week ago I was playing +Justin Halliday 's Hero Kids (Rats in the Basement adventure) with my daughter and our next door neighbors. For anyone who doesn't know "Rats in the Basement" is a really combat heavy short adventure that is more or less designed to introduce kids to the game.

In our case it wasn't as I've been doing on the fly Zelda'ish adventures with them for a good three months. However, they weren't really used to big combat sections and quickly things got tedious for them as they were bad. Things looked to be going bad when into my head popped up the most annoying Tactical RPG I ever played "Lord of the Rings Tactics" for the PSP. I let the round end and introduced a new bit of rules that while a lot more time consuming kept the kids happy.

1. Everyone (heroes and villians) declare your actions
2. Everyone rolls for initiative place
3. Combat goes forward automatically with only to-hit and damage rolls being done.
4. Repeat th…

Short Review - D101 Games "Tomb of the Necromancers"

It is already obvious that I am a huge fan of D101 Games “Crypts & Things” line, given my love of all things Howard. So it was with squeals of joy when I discovered their newest adventure “Tomb of the Necromancers” by +Paul Mitchener. Of course this lead to a bit of fun over here at Genius Loci as I broke the release of the game about a month ago by accident and then re-broke the release of the game (I believe within moments of +Newt Newport announcement) last week.
On the real release of the adventure I opted or the softcover for two reasons. One the price was right and I had enough credit left from a previous contest I won to hedge off the shipping costs. And two, well I felt guilty for accidentally “breaking” the story on the accidentally release of the adventure at the beginning of October.
The book came in the mail yesterday, and although the UPS guy thought it would be funny to hid the package in my daughter's jack-o-lantern, all was good!
The Book:
Tomb of the Necroma…

Three Generic Creatures for Any Setting and a Halloween Contest!

This weekend I took my family to our favorite haunted hayride, one that I typically gush about every year. This year, despite the 4 hour wait (which was off-set by an excellent metal band, roaring bonfire and some wicked cool Klingon fire dancing!) , I must once again gush and more so than ever before. This is mainly due to the fact that the cast this year was not afraid to terrorize my 8-year-old daughter and because they changed the production up. Some of the old sets were still used, however, new and frightening horrors waited! If anyone is near the NEPA area you need to go to Reaper’s Revenge! Now for a contest: Below in the comments, tell me a great personal horror experience from a haunted hayride or a haunted house or field. They don’t need to be scary, just entertaining and memorable! The winner will be picked on Friday November 1st and will receive a $10.00 RPGnow/Drivethrurpg gift card! In honor of Reaper’s Revenge and Halloween I present the following three down and dirty quic…

Quick Note - History Makes the Greatest Dungeons

The following link leads to one of the inspirations for one of the "dungeons" in Innfjord.

The Mithraeum of San Clemente, Rome

Remember Innsfjord features:

 - 5 level Lighthouse
 - 3 Level Cave System under the Lighthouse
 - 2 Level Crypt under the Temple of Balance (what is it with me and evil crypts under neutral temples?)
 - 1 Level Ancient Temple to Outsider "Gods"
 - 1 Level Ancient Ruin in the forests outside of Innfjord

Believe it or not the pencil on grid paper maps are done. I've been thinking of finding my old youtube tutorials to make photoshop based maps ... I also need to find my brushes and fills for that purpose (or *gulp* recreate them).

That is tonight's update. If anyone is on the Arcadia server in The Secret World, I'll be there for a little (You want to find me, e-mail me  and then it is off to a haunted hay ride with the wife and oldest!

Quick Note - Tomb of the Necromancers is live!

For real this time!

D101 Games, the guys who released the great Crypt & Things low Fantasy OSR take on the Swords & Wizardry game have released an adventure just in time for Halloween for Swords & Wizardry.

Tomb of the Necromancers is a mid-level adventure for 4-6 characters and based on my quick flip through looks to be very interesting.

There is no description and I've not yet read enough to give one. Still put it in your wishlists or think about it because I've honestly been impressed with D101's work so far

From RPGnow:
“The ruins of the Unknown City stand at the edge of the Death Wind Steppe, surrounded by the foothills of the Wolf Head Mountains. They are a monument to a once mighty city. Few now know the city‘s history, and how it fell. The city‘s old name, Tetronis, now belongs to a village of simple fisherfolk standing amongst the ruins.
The force behind both the old city‘s greatness and its destruction was the god Orlusz.”
A Swords and Sorcery romp for fo…

Quick Note - MEPAcon in 2 Weeks

Just a quick reminder to everyone out there! MEPAcon is in 2 weeks, there are still a ton of open games and tables to be played. I'll be running three tables myself; 2 Swords & Wizardry games (Grimmsgate and Nidhog's Hall/Innfjord) and one Herokids game.

I'm not it though a wide variety of games from 1e to 5e Dungeons and Dragons, Living Faerun and Greyhawk Reborn. Pathfinder, Legend of the Five Rings and more board games and card games than I can remember. Go to the site and if you are in the tri-state area (PA, NJ, NY) try and make it!

Unquiet Bodere - Generic Monster for any Setting

Technically speaking the Unquiet Bodere is one of the "new creatures" for my Lights over Innfjord adventure. However, I like him so much that I cannot wait to share him/

As always thoughts are welcomed. Enjoy!

Unquiet Bodere

60' Flying
1 touch, Mad Rambling
1d4+2 Cold
Mad Rambling, Summon Rambling
Phase, Mad Rambling

Mad Rambling – all creatures within a 30' radius of the mad rambling must succeed a saving throw or be affected as though by the “Confusion” special for 1d4 turns
Phase – The Ramblings attacks by passing through the body of its target dealing 1d4+2 cold damage. On a successful attack the target must succeed a saving throw -2 or suffer -1 to their wisdom score for 24 hours. Should a character fall below 3 Wisdom they will be rendered permanently insane and become the domain of the Referee.
Summon Rambling – In his mad ramblings an Unquiet Bodere can unknowingly summon up to 4 concurrent Ramblin…

Preview of My Next Adventure - Innsfjord

Below is a preview of the Village of Innsfjord from my upcoming adventure "Lights over Innsfjord". I haven't included the sketch of the town map, and as is obviously shown below a few of the entries have been deleted for this post to keep some surprise. 
All in all the twon has 12 named locations and has some wiggle room for Referee created stuff during or even after this adventure.
As always feedback is greatly loved and strongly begged for! enjoy!

I-3. The Keeper’s Flame Inn A large stone building near the town “gate” with a large wooden sign with an etched and stylized flame. The inn is in surprising good condition, with washed stone walls and clean, thick glass in its windows. Light seems to always be glowing and dancing from the inside and a steady stream of sweet smelling smoke wafts from the chimney.

The Keeper’s Flame Inn has four rooms for rent on a nightly (1gp/Night) and weekly (5gp/Week) basis. Each of the four rooms can sleep three people (2 narrow beds per ro…

Quick note: Dracolich!

Back during the 30 day challenge I mentioned that my favorite undead was a dracolich and it seems that WotC either heard me or it is just a coincidence, because today they released "Vault of the Dracolich" over at the various onebookshelf sites.

From Drivethrurpg

Deep in the forest of Cormanthor lies the hoard of the dracolich Dretchroyaster, the prize of which is a diamond staff rumored to unlock the secrets of an ancient elven kingdom. The sage Imani is seeking dozens of adventurers to launch an all-out assault on the undead dragon's lair. The dracolich is a powerful foe - too great for even several parties to conquer - so it's going to take all of the heroes' courage, cunning, and speed to survive the dracolich's deadly vault.
"Vault of the Dracolich" is a Dungeons & Dragons Roleplaying Game adventure designed for the June 2013 D&D Game Day. The challenge draws inspiration from the interactive format used at some gaming conventions.
As fa…

Pseudo-Review: Inn of Lost Heroes

At the risk of losing anyone who may play my horror adventure "Lights over Innfjord" I need to say go buy "Inn of Lost Heroes" from Small Niche Games. Why? I'll get to that during review.

Inn of Lost Heroes is a low level adventure meant for Labrynith Lord,but is easily converted to any OSR system of the the world's greatest game. The advetnure should be able to be handled in one night and is rather heavy on puzzles and investigation. What battles there are or could exist are rather harrowing in their hardness (my test NPC group after converting to S&W complete almost TPK'd). Whats more things don't always mean or work they way they should in certain areas of the adventure.

From RPGnow:

Everyone loves a good barroom brawl. But what happens when the fight gets out of hand and innocents are harmed? Witness the innkeeper's wife Evelyn Mortigan. When her entire family is killed in a fire caused by drunken adventurers, she utters a curse with her…

Quick Note - What's in a name?

First a quick shout out to +Danny Prescott and +Theo Evans for the awesome work they did! Anyone out there gets the chance or needs some artists these guys are awesome! I hall be posting what they did for me later!

Now then, with a whole heaping of well wishing and possible support from the folks over at +RPG Design Network till debating with my wife on money guys!). I've decided to go ahead and compile and release all of my monsters and creatures from this blog and my adventures in a single digital (and maybe POD) tome. The proposed name is:

Cartographer Guild's Guide to the Creatures, Monsters and Oddities.

This collection will feature over 40 new monsters and creatures for OSR games, including a few that have not been seen before on this blog or in my adventures. I am hoping for a Spring of next year release of the collection (again due to the need to piecemeal the cost of hiring artists and such).

That is all I have for now and going forward.

As for today, I'll be work…

I'm on a miss ... oooh shiny!

The biggest problem I have in any kind of game creation is in research. It isn't an issue of not being able to find what I want to find. Between the internet and my personal essentric library I have most of what I need. No the problem comes in the fact that I am really, really easy to distract.

For instance, tonight I was looking up information on Apothecarys for "Lights over Innsfjord". I found the information I needed and promptly ignored the adventure and read an article on apothecarys in Babylonian times and another on common herbal cures for morning sickness in 13th century France. I've just had to stop myself from moving to another article explaining why chemisists, doctors, pharmicists and midwives split away and became speciality fields.

Last night's monster entry on the Puca (which I really wanted to call Puck) ended up with me losing myself for three hours in Welsh folktales and then cross referencing those folk tales with Norman and Highland folktales.