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Quick Note - Updates Galore!

This is the first post I am writing in Google Docs. I am somewhat excited about this as I may finally be free of the claws of Office!

Update 1 - OCR Super Powers

OCR Supers has gone back to the drawing board and the 20 pages I had of powers, skills and genral non-combat rules have been printed for reference and the digitals deleted. Why did I do this? Mainly because while I liked what I was making it was too convoluted to ever work in actual play. The system played like a weird mash-up of West-End Game’s D6 and Basic D&D. I ran run forty-five minute game over hangouts with “The Brothers Four” last week and the end result was a lot of on the fly ad-hoc’ing of rules and on the fly changes to pre-existing rules.

Honestly I was pretty excited for developing this and as things have continued I think I knew I was digging myself into a hole. I’m not giving up, but I do need to re-evaluate how I want this done and adjust fire from there. I’m still hoping to have an alpha-test going by year’s end … but it won’t be as soon as I’d like it to be.

Update 2 - 5 Minute Adventures

The next 5 minute adventure is almost done, life and family have taken a toll the last few weeks and I haven’t gotten around to finishing or refining it. It is the biggest adventure to date topping out at 11 pages without the new creature listings or maps.

I am also playing on compiling and releasing an extended version of the 5-minute adventures “Rats in the Well”, “Three Knocks at the Crypt Door” and “The Strange Case of Trixiana Halon”. I am attempting to get a real mapper (*cough* *cough* +Matt Jackson check your e-mail) to do justice to the adventures.

Update 3 - Chronicles of Eira

Eira is near and dear to my heart and coming along very well so far. I have finished the races and almost all the race specific classes and am gearing up to my first run of the system in public at this fall’s MEPAcon with another an adventure I wrote that takes place in the town of Azure Marsh within the lands of Eira. I am pretty psyched to not only see the races and classes in action but also my magic systems (The Blood Witch and the Familiar/Alternate Magic Rules I posted last week) and stunts. I am actually giddy thinking about it.

Update 4 - Tinkering with Magic: the Gathering

Been tinkering with my Magic Decks to make a variant of the game that is more of deck building game (Gamers 3) than a collectable card game. It is interesting so far.

Update 5 - The Blog

probably by the end of the week the blog will have hit 10,000 page views … I’m pretty sure that is good. We’ve also posted over 100 blog entries since we began 4 months ago … I’m pretty sure that is good as well.

What’s next? Well, there is the design contest for a new banner and logo for the blog in celebration for making it this far. In the coming months I am hoping to run more contests, continue to release monsters, adventures classes and rules ideas and to branch out and maybe (MAYBE) start releasing some Eira lore and fiction beyond what comes with the Eira specific creatures, races and classes.

Thank you everyone for making this a fun journey, I never thought I’d get 10,000 hits much less have 72 followers (and growing by at least 1 a day)! Once again, thanks!


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