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OSR Supers - Pre-alpha rules creation and combat rules compile

The following is an example of Character creation in the Supers Game I've just started to re-develop. Input would be most excellent.

Unless otherwise specified by the Referee all characters start with fifteen dice that can be placed in Abilities, Skills, and Powers. Once the allotment of dice is made the player will roll the dice for each selection and write down the result in the appropriate slot on the character sheet.

Example: Joe's "Mighty Joe" hero puts two dice in "Strength". He rolls 2d6 resulting in a 6 and a 5. Joe writes 11 in the Strength ability slot.

during initial character creation the following guidelines should, unless the Referee specifies otherwise, be observed. Two dice per ability, two dice per power, two dice per skill max.


Mighty Joe (Level 1 Hero)


Super Strength


Strength 11
.....Super Strength 2d
Dexterity 6
.....Blast 2d
.....Flight 1d
Constitution 10
Mental 4
.....Investigate 1d
.....Search 1d
Charisma 6

For all rolls involving combat, powers or skill usage the player rolls the number of dice they have in the power or skill and adds it to the default number of the associated ability.

Example: Mighty Joe wants to lift an empty city bus and throw it at the invading alien monster. The Referee stats that Mighty Joe needs at least a Strength (str) of 15 to do this. Mighty Joe only has a Strength of 11 so with just his strength he cannot pick up the bus. However, Mighty Joe's player put 2 dice in the “Super Strength” power which is a power associated with the strength ability. Rolling 2d6 Mighty Joe's player rolls a 2 and a 4. That result combined with Mighty Joe's natural Strength score of 11 gives the character a result of 17 easily beating the 15 the Referee set as the difficulty.

Attacking and Damaging

Attacking an enemy or defending against an enemy attack is a two-phase contest. First, the attacker selects his attack ability and then rolls his linked skill or power. Then the defender selects his defense ability and linked skill or power. Both the attacker and the defender roll, the highest roll wins, and the remainder is added to the damage roll.

Damaging a target requires the attacker to roll the dice linked to the selected power or skill. If the attacker won the attack by one or more points he adds that to the damage result.

Example: Mighty Joes has succeeded in picking up the city boss and with his massive strength throws it at the alien invader. The calls for the player to once again roll his super strength and add his natural ability score to the roll result. Mighty Joe rolls a 1 and a 2 for a total of 14.

The alien Invader will attempt to dodge and will use his martial training skill with two dice. This results in a rolls of 4 and 2 added to the invader's dexterity score of 7 for a total of 13.

The bus hits the alien invader.

Since Mighty Joe won the attack!  He rolls his two dice in Super Strength as damage and adds the one point above the invader's defense roll to the result. Joe rolled a 2 and a 1 plus the 1 of the attack bonus equals 4 damage to the alien invader.


This is the first draft of the revamped system. Originally, it was all dice base. So Mighty Joe would have 2d in Strength not an 11 and when rolling would have rolled all the dice together. Also originally powers and skills were not locked to abilities but could be ad hoc'ed into any ability if the player could argue why that was the case.

For me that left way too much variable and way too much time away from actual play as a Referee and a player argued why flight should be combined with charisma.



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