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EoS - MARS exo-suit

I am still stuck in a bit of a Sci-Fi move due to all the work I'm doing to finish off this "Edge of Space" adventure for +matt jackson 's "Edge of Space" roleplaying game. As such, I have some extra, non-cannon, splat-booky like material to throw out there for the game.

Hopefully I will not be killed for it :)!

MARS (Mobile Assault and Recon Suit)
The MARS is an exo-suit developed by DSAT (Department of Science and Advanced Technology) during the tenth year of the war with the Bugs, to provide the front line SMC troopers with an edge against the superior Bug forces.
The MARS stands 10 meters high and weighs approximately 20 tones depending on load out and abilities. The MARS is powered by a small ION engine with a battery life of 60+ hours of field use, again, depending on load out.
There are currently three models of MARS in use by the SMC, however, due to the expensive nature of the MARS exo-suits, they are a rare find in most field actions and typically are only issued in times of extreme danger or importantance.
Model S1 – The Model S1 is a light weight, low obit, zero atmosphere unit. The S1 comes equipped with a pressurized interior compartment, grapple claw, and a jump pack.
Armor, 3; Weapon (MV6C DM2/Rng 15/Rd 2), Grapple Claw (DM1/RNG 1/Rd 0), Jump Pack (Rng 15 any direction while in use/Rd 4)

Model G3 – The Model G3 is known as the “crowd buster” by troopers in the field. The G3 is heavy armored, over gunned and under powered, with an effective field use time of 24 hours C-Time between charges and an unfortunate tendency to explode if its ION engine is hit with a strong enough force*.
Armor, 8; Weapon (MV6c DM2/Rng 15/Rd 2; M41a DM1/Rng 10/Rd 99; M28f (flamethrower) DM3/ Rng 4/Rd (fuel) 5)
*If unit is at 1 armor and hit for a damage of 3 or more the unit’s engine will explode, dealing 6 damage over a 40 meter radius.
Model T1 – The Model T1 is a fast moving, lightly armored ground unit. The T1, while lightly armored, it increases the user’s base range and movement by 10 and adds a +2 bonus on all defensive checks.
Armor, 2; Weapon (M41a DM1/Rng 10/Rd 99; M3 DM 1/Rng 1)


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