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Draken-Rider - Generic Advanced Class for any setting

An experiment in the creation and use of advanced (prestige) classes in an OSR rule-set.  This isn't complete (see the drake part) but will be soon. Opinions are welcome and greatly sought after.


As a Draken-Knight you are a warrior of divine resolve, courage and cunning. You have fought against the tide of chaos and darkness that constantly vies for control of the land.

Far to the north your name has been heard in tales of great deeds, and a summons has been issued to you to come and take the next-step in your journey as the sword-arm of the Gods of Order.

Prime Attribute: Strength 13+ (+5% experience bonus)
Hit Dice: 1d8/Level (Gains 2 hp after 5th)
Armor/Shield Permitted: Any
Weapons Permitted: Halberds, polearms
Class Permitted: Paladins only level 5+

As a Draken-Knight you can no longer achieve levels in the Paladin or other classes. As only humans can be Paladins, so too can Draken-Knights only be humans.

About Draken-Knights

Alignment: Draken-Knights mus be of Lawful alignment or they will revert to the abilities of a normal fighter and their Drake may eat them.
Magic Items: Draken-Knights are bound by the same restrictions as Paladins for the use and ownership of magical items.
Charity: Draken-Knights are obund by the same restrictions as Paladins.
Alliances: Draken-Knights are bound by the same restrictions as Paladins.
Drakes: Draken-Knights are psychically bonded to their drake and cannot replace or ride another drake should their’s have died or be unavailable.

Draken-Knight Class Abilities

Paladin Abilities: Draken-Knights retain all Paladin abilities received up to their Paladin level.
Drake: At first level, the character becomes bounded to a new-born drake which will serve as the Draken-Knight’s steed and companion until the death of itself and the Draken-Knight. Should the Drake die before the Knight the knight must succeed a saving-throw or follow the drake into death because of their empathic connection.
Protection from Evil (3rd): Starting at third level the Draken-Knight can cast protection from evil as per the Clerical Spell
Empathic Connection(4th): Starting at fourth level the Draken-Knight’s empathic connection has increased with his drake to the point that he can begin to sense the emotions and motivations of others. This gives the character a +2 to all saves against mental effects and a +1 to parries, dodges and to-hit rolls.

Table 1: Draken-Knight Advancement
Hit dice(d8)
Saving Throw
+2 hp


More on Drakes Later

HitDice: d10 per level
AC: 3[16]
Attacks: Bite (2d4+lvl), Breath Weapon – Fire (see dragon), Claw (4d6+level)
Save: 14 (-1 per level)
Move: 12/60 flying
Special: Empathic Link, Flying, Breath Weapon

Drakes increase level with their riders. Bonuses apply to Attacks and save up to the fifth level. After the fifth level Drakes receive +3 hit points per level.


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