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I’ve started this post about twenty times since I first began to write for this blog. Every time I’ve gotten a paragraph or two down on paper and every time I’ve abandoned the post and have deleted the .doc file. I wonder why it is so hard to trumpet to speak out in a positive way about play-by-post games?
I think part of it at least has to do with the nature of our collective hobby. We  (despite what others may say) or extremely social people. We like to gather, to talk, to play and learn. Some of that nature is missing through traditional internet mediums like web-forums, and also some of the “winging it” nature of gaming as well. I could easily write a short post about how sites like make for good last resorts, but that isn’t really positive and doesn’t really describe just how great places like them are.
Honestly, I started out at as one of those “last resort” types. As I’ve stated previously, if it isn’t my eight-year-old and her friends I have no gaming groups locally. My local store is a joke and has relegated roleplaying games to a small corner and an old pool table, sites like meet-up offer nothing except dead ends and two hour drives. My previous go to for gaming had been fantasy grounds’ forums; however, after several false starts I got depressed and left.
My final attempt was in play-by-post. Initially I looked for old-school play-by-mail groups, but found that those still in operation had really high buy-ins and were more fantasy war simulators than roleplaying games. My next stop was play-by-email and it was actually through my search for pbe’s that I found
Initially I was slightly dismayed when I first created an account at site. All the games seemed to be long running, all the games that where recruiting I had little to no interest in or were systems I had little knowledge of. On the plus, however, there was a heck of a lot of AD&D (1st and 2nd editions) and Pathfinder. All systems I knew (or somewhat knew) and could play in … if I could find one.
That brings up the next bit; there are almost always new games on At an almost weekly rate, site regulars like Xaryon and MIBagents are posting up new roll calls. Long running games sometimes open up and allow new players in, joining in on a long running adventure that possibly spans multiple groups in multiple countries and nations. Best of all everyone, new and old can create and run games from the get go.
I’m not going to lie; I’m bad at being a good rp’er over at Between the blog, my job and my kids I sometimes run afoul of posting policies and one of my own games (A d20 Scooby Doo game) hasn’t updated in a month. However, I’m the worst example of a game master and the majority of these guys and girls seem to have dedicated their lives (not a bad thing) to providing an online haven for the players without homes.
So, if you’re looking for games, if you’re looking for a community, I would highly suggest checking these guys out. At the same time, however, if you know of any place (say like on g+) that has play-by-post, tell me. I’m always on the look out.
Oh! And if you do join up, remember that Age of Wanderers, my Swords & Wizardry game is always on the lookout for new players!


  1. That's great news for people living in the styx. I'd like to do more for in-person roleplaying, get some face-to-face gaming groups started.

    Just out of curiosity, whereabouts do you live?


  2. North East PA, about an hour and a half south of New york City. Think offices and paper companies.


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