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30 Day Challenge - Catching Up to the Wagon

Dungeons & Dragons 30 Day challenge – Days 21 through 26

Day 21 – Dragons, dragons everywhere and not a dwarf in sight

The question suggests that this would be one of the Chromatic, Metallic or Lung dragons of Dungeons and Dragons lore. The great intelligent lizards that are and are from magic, who can make any hardened warrior urinate his plate mail. However, I will not be speaking of those great and terrible creatures that seem to exist outside of time and space and physics No, instead I shall tell you of my great love for Pseudodragons and how in 3.5 I wasted no amount of skill points on the animal skill so that I could convince the DM to give me one as a familiar.

 That is right, Ghim dwarven warrior and cleric of Moradin had a pseudodragon named “Lockheed”. As in Lockheed Martin, as in the alien dragon-like creature often found around the shoulders a certain female X-Man. I adore pseudodragons on a level that modern teenage girls adore vampires. The thought of a small dragon-like creature that is a faithful companion, who on some level can communicate with its bonded human (or demi-human) is intriguing to me … and add to that the idea it is smart enough to use a toilet and BAM! Perfect companion animal.

Day 22 – And the earth she did thunder and roll

I like the Tarraque, I really like the Tarraque. There is just something about a large, Godzilla-like creature that is so ancient that cities can be built and re-built atop of it and no one knows. To me the Tarraque is not a random villain or even the end game. The Tarraque is the destroyer of worlds, the coming storm that lays waste to all … and no prophecy, no god or goddess, no mage nothing knows of it or can stop it. Why? Because the Tarraque exists, is a lead weight of reality and “real” that nothing can affect it or shape it or control it or foresee it. The. Tarraque. Is.


Day 23 – Kill them! Kill them all!

Part of me wanted to say the generic “minion” class of creatures from 4e, but you know what I like minions and think they add something to the combat landscape of Dungeons & Dragons that was previously missing and needed to be filled.  So, no not minions.

Honestly speaking, I dislike Drow. I dislike them to the point hat in the two forgotten Realms campaigns I ran, all Drow had been killed in an insane ritual conducted by their demon goddess that ran out of control and destroyed every last member of their race (including half bloods) in her bid to become an even stronger force of evil on the planear level.

So Lolth still exists in my Faerun, the Drow are all dead. Yes, even Drizzt.

Day 24 – Huh?

This is a weird question for me because honestly I don’t think too hard about energy types in the game, only what would be interesting or cool in the situation the players currently find themselves in. So, I guess fire because, honestly, fire.

Day 25 – Delta 1 to Delta 2, over?

I have no idea where I found this item and to this day it has found its way into every 3 and 3.5 game I’ve run. They are small little earring shaped like the profile of a howling wolf. There can be up to 6 of these earrings and when worn act as a short range communication device between wearers. Essentially, ear bud radios/Bluetooth devices for the party.

The existence of these earrings changes the game dramatically, and once the party can potentially split without being totally alone the game not only becomes more dynamic, but the players (in my experience at least) start to think much more tactically. It is interesting to see players explore and attempt to clear a dungeon the same way they would in a co-op FPS.

Day 26 – huh part deux

Much like Day 24 I don’t really get this question. The range of non-magic items leaves a lot to the imagination. However, I do have one and that is Alchemist’s Fire from 3.5. My dwarf, Ghim actually created a bandolier out of a pouch belt and filled it with flasks of the stuff. He opened almost every battle against obviously evil being with a toss of one or two of the damned things and generally made a mess of any outdoors area with them (he started a wild fire during a raid on an Orc Babyeater Clan camp that caused the local wood elves to demand blood debt from him)


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