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Transformers - Less than meets the Eye

Back when I was a kid, I loved Transformers (still do if anyone has read a few of my pure G+ posts). One of my first attempts at creating an independent tabletop game was actually an attempt at Transformers, using the toys themselves as the inspiration.

If anyone here has ever looked at a Transformers toy packaging you’d see that all the Transformers have a state block with a number in each stat ranging from that individual Autobot’s strength to their courage in battle.

May idea at the time was to use that stat block to create a point buy system that would allow a player to either make a Transformer of their own or just use the stat card from their toy. In the end I left the idea behind because that is pretty much all I was able to come up with. Rules for combat, transformation and the like were utterly lost on me.

So, what I did complete I am posting here for everyone to see and grab at in the hopes that it may spark some ideas in others, or at the very least be amusing.


Transformers: RPG
Character Creation:

A first level Transformer is allotted 50 points to place between his statistics. No one statistic may have more than 10 points allotted.
The Statistics represent your character on a wholly mechanical basis, their emotions, personality and such cannot be determined by these numbers.

At every level your Transformer is allotted an extra point to be placed into any of his statistics.


Strength (STR)

Represents how strong your transformer is, how much he can lift, carry, move and the like. Transformers with High Strength add their Strength Score to the Attack Score for melee attacks.

Intelligence (INT)

Represents how smart your transformer is and helps determine all actions that require mind over matter. These may include things like hacking a computer terminal, tactics on the battlefield, or understanding alien cultural norms.

Speed (SPD)

Represents how fast your transformer can move in combat while in robot mode. In vehicle mode this statistic is automatically doubled.

Transformers with a high Speed add their Speed Score to the Attack Score for ranged attacks.

Endurance (END)

Represents the natural base of how much your transformer can take in terms of damage before he goes “offline” without regards to different chassis or armor.

Courage (Cou)

Represents how brave and fearless your transformer is in the face utter doom. Your Courage Score is added to any “dire circumstance” role to determine if your transformer makes it through the “dire circumstance”

Attack (ATK)

Melee - Are all attacks made with either body parts or with a weapon such as a club, axe, sword, etc.
Ranged – Are all attacks made with a weapon that has a projectile of some sort.


All transformers have up to three skills they can pick to help them in combat and non-combat situations.

Your transformer’s skill score is both used in a any skill rolls and distributed between your skills. A first level Transformer does not need to have all three skill slots filled and may add them over time and levels.

Character Models

Scout – scouts are fast supporting warriors and couriers on the front lines of battle. They are known for their incredible speed and their almost reckless courage in battle.

Scouts get a +1 at first level to either their Speed or Courage statistics.

Medic – Medics are the doctors and healers on the frontline of the transformers’ war. They are known for their intelligence and resolve in battle and in the operating theatres of the line.

Medics get a +1 at first level to either intelligence or Courage statistics

Soldiers – Soldiers are the warriors who fuel the war of Cybertron. They are known for their strength in the field as well as their ability to endure both create hardships and damage.

Soldiers get a +1 at first level to either Strength or Endurance.



Used for any actions that may involve the physical use of the body outside of combat, such as sprinting across a town square or jumping over a chasm.


Used for any actions that may be social in nature. Examples include convincing someone to let you into a building, swindling money and so on.

Computer Systems

Used in situations that require computers or any high-tech electronic to be used. Examples include, hacking a computer terminal and so on.


Used in any action that requires things to blow up.


Used in any action that requires a transformer to aid an injured ally.


Used for any actions that may require the transformer to locate an object, notice a hidden guard and so on.


Used in any situation that may be sneaky in nature.


This is pretty much where I stopped developing because I just couldn’t figure out how to go on. Anyway now it is up so have at it and enjoy!


  1. Hmmm, this looks like something I may have to play around with in the future. I've always been a bit of a Transformers fan and this could prove interesting!

    1. Have at it Mr. Houston! Just remember that if Hasbro comes knocking at your door with a job offer ... :)

  2. I think they had something and ruined it by not creating a game prior to the spawn of tabletop games like Heroclix.

    1. Agreed. There was a definate market out there for it, but like you said, they missed their chance.


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