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Raceless Classes of Eira - The Enchanter - Eira Preview

Once again I present one of the "raceless" classes of Eira. In the Eira setting every race has between two and four race-specific classes that they can be. However, there are also 4 raceless classes that nearly any race can in the game setting can take up. The following is one of those classes; The Enchanter.

The Enchanter is probably the most different class I have made as it mandated that I "create" a new game mechanic, in this case, the imbuing pool. Because of this I have been a bit hesitiant to not only write up the class but also release it into the wilds of the OSR community. 

However, here it is for all to see!
As always this is open for anyone to use in their home games, however, I do ask that if it is used that you send any feedback you may have to


The Enchanter

While mages and wizards rage across the land, slinging the powers arcane about as if it were a child’s toy, and as priests and paladins pray to unseen gods for divine blessings one group sits quietly in their workshops tinkering with the finest, minute details of the powers arcane and mighty.

Unlike, other classes that force their abilities out into the world in often spectacular and destructive ways the Enchanter instead focuses on bending magics to forms and ways that can be useful to the world and those people who cannot wield the weird energies of the arcane or divine.

Prime Attributes: Intelligence & Constitution +13 (5% Experience Bonus)
Hit Dice: 1d4
Weapons permitted: Dagger, Staff, Wand
Armor Permitted: None
Races Permitted: Au-Sidhe, Changling, Human, Pixie
Blood Cost: Enchanters imbue objects with the sacrifice of gold and blood, losing blood equal to the level of enchantment being done.
Blood Pull: Enchanters run a 40% chance of imbuing any object with far more of his or her essence than intended, dealing themselves 1d4+1/2 level of damage on top of their normal blood cost.
Magical Sight: +2 Bonus to all saving throws regarding detection or understanding of magic

Enchanter Abilities

Burning Bright – By doubling the blood cost of enchanting an item the Enchanter can make it 25% stronger. However, the item also has 25% less charges.

Enchant Object – Enchanters may enchant an object of their choosing by investing time, gold currency, their own blood, a specific focus and magic. See below for more details.

Siphon - An enchanter can siphon the magic out of any enchanted item he or she touches and release that energy as a ball of visible force capable of dealing 2d4 + enchantment level of damage.

Establish a Workshop – At ninth level the enchanter may establish a workshop and take on apprentices to learn the craft of enchanting.

Hit dice (d4)
Saving Throw


At first level and at every consecutive level the Enchanter rolls a d10 and adds his or her level and Intelligence modifier(1d10+lvl+Int) to the result. This result is the Enchanter’s “imbuing pool” and represents how many items an Enchanter is able to enchant at that level. When a new level is reached the Enchanter rolls his pool again and starts fresh and imbuing pool points cannot carry over between levels.

All enchanted items need four components. The first is the blood of the enchanter to act as a link between the item and the magic. The second is money; the enchanter must sacrifice a set amount of gold currency to represent their commitment in the creation of the item. Third is a specific focus that is to be placed within the item to represent the intent and meaning of the enchantment. Finally the Enchanter most invest a number of points from his or her imbuing pool equal to the level of the enchantment as determined by the referee to represent the magic invested.

There are no set formulas for enchantments as every Enchanter guards his formulae with extraordinary jealousy. As such it is encouraged that the novice Enchanter experiment with different amounts of money, foci, and magic to discover new and more powerful enchantments as the Referee determines.

Example enchantment Formula

Bull Horn, 100 GP, 1HP, 1 Imbue = Item of Bull’s Strength 20 charges.

Phoenix Feather, 5,000 GP, 20 HP, 20 Imbue = Item of Regeneration, lesser 10 charges.

Onyx, 100 GP, 1 HP, 1 Imbue = Item of Stone Skin, 20 charges.

Pieces of a Shattered Shield, 200 GP, 2 HP, 2 Imbue = Item of -1[+1] Protection

Outsider Blood, 2,500 GP, 10 HP, 10 Imbue = Item of lesser Invisibility.


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