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Soul Eater - A NOT S Generic Creature for the Crypts & Things Setting

Soul Eater
“Always be on guard, lad. Always watch the dark corners of the world. We think the bugbears and goblins and that which we see is the face of evil. Watch the darkness or you will see evil, my boy.” – Willhim Tonks letter 45b.
Fiends from the Outside that have found their way to the world of men who slink and crawl in the darkness, always just out of view, dancing in the edge of a man’s vision. The Soul Eater is a tall, willowy emaciated being with a vaguely humanoid frame. It moves from shadow to shadow, staying out of the light if it can.
A Soul Eater will always attack with Surprise, their first attack will be a mental strike meant to paralyze its target. Should the Soul Eater fail to paralyze its target it may not attempt to paralyze that target again.
Type: Demon, Lesser Hit Dice: 5 Armour Class: 4 [16] Attack: 4 Claws (4d6), Bite (1d4) Saving Throw: 12 Special: Lesser Drain Level (Save Negates), Magic Resistance <50%, Paralyzing Gaze (Save Negates), Shadow Step Move: 6 [30’…

Skeletal Horror - Generic Creatures for Any Setting

A short post today coming after 3 days of little kid birthday party, playing with (or held hostage by) a 2-year-old obsessed with "pomys!" (My Little Pony:FIM).
I am starting to notice a theme with my "generic creatures" and that is horror movie. I need to broaden myself in that regard! Anyway! Enjoy the creature folks!
Skeletal Horror
Armor Class: 5 [14] Hit Dice: 2+2 Attacks: Charge 2d6, Strike 1d6 Special: Charge, Regenerate Move: 12 [60'] CL/XP: 2/30
Charge - moves up to its move limit in a lopping sprint, slamming into the target with its shoulder. target makes a saving throw if successful hit by the Charge ability. If the saving throw is failed the target is knocked prone.
Regenerate - Creature regains 2 hit points every two rounds.

Large admonitions created from the splintered, shattered bones of the dead.  Skeletal Horrors tower over their prey, growing bigger and meaner as they absorb more bone. Vaguely ape like in appearance the Skeletal Horror is singl…

The Highlander - Raceless Classes of Eira

While "The Lands of Eira" primarily has class-specific races the plan for the setting is to have four "raceless" classes. Obviously, this means that the class is open to more than a single, default race. However, there still exists limitations to what races can play one of these classes. As shown below with "The Highlander" the class is only open to the mortal races in the setting.
As an aside, I was extraordinarily tempted to add a class ability titled "There Can Be Only One!" 
As always this is open for anyone to use in their home games, however, I do ask that if it is used that you send any feedback you may have to
The Highlander Highlanders are warriors, lovers, and slayers. Men and women of the high north, among the mountains and valleys. They are nomads and reavers of a harsh cold land soaked in the blood of eternal clan war.
Many Highlands rarely leave their homelands except on raids to the lowlands. Those that …

Me Too - Answers to Random Wizard's 20 Question

(1). Race (Elf, Dwarf, Halfling) as a class? Yes or no?

     - Yes and No. In Eira, each Race has class options only available to that race.

(2). Do demi-humans have souls?

     - Mortal demi-humans, yes. Immortal demi-humans like Elves and Pixies, no.

(3). Ascending or descending armor class?

     - Ascending.

(4). Demi-human level limits?

     - No, but I think that should be countered by having it become harder for demi-humans to level after a certain point.

(5). Should thief be a class?

     - Yes. To me, thieves/rogues are an essential class to the fantasy roleplaying genre.

(6). Do characters get non-weapon skills?

     - Maybe? I think it worked very well in 3.5, Pathfinder and 4e, but it makes it so much simpler to just play it by ear.

(7). Are magic-users more powerful than fighters (and, if yes, what level do they take the lead)?

     - Yes, and around level 5 in my opinion

(8). Do you use alignment languages?

     - No. Racial languages.

(9). XP for gold, or XP for objectives (thieves dis…

The Road - Generic Creatures for Any Setting

The Road
The Road is not really a road but a Presence and Force of the natural world that corrupts and changes its hunting grounds to suit its needs as a trap for the unwary. The road exists not here or there, but between realities and cannot be easily defeat by conventional means.
The road that never ends the tunnel with no light on the other-side, the old trail that goes on, the trees growing nearer and nearer. All are manifestations of The Road, a warping of reality to create a never-ending trap for its prey. The Presence that is The Road waits and bids its time until its target tires and collapses, for the best food is the food that has been marinated in fear and madness.
Hit Dice: 15 Armor Class: -1 [21] Attacks: None Saving Throw: 3 Special: Warp Reality, Despair Move: 0 Alignment: Chaos Challenge Level/XP: 15/2,900
Warp Reality – The Road can manipulate reality in a three mile radius around its center. The Road can change the laws of physics and physical properties of anything non-sentie…

Primeval Thule - Kickstarter Barking

A new RPG kickstarter from some WOTC alumni. It looks good and has some neat rewards. The setting is compatible with $e, Pathfinder and 13th Age. Oh and did I mention that it is basically a Howard vs Lovecraft setting? Oh yes, yes indeed.
Why am I supporting this book?
1. Howard vs. Lovecraft 2. Richard Baker 3. Ed Greenwood stretch goal.
Primeval Thule has 6 days left so check it out and support if you think the concept is quite worthy. 

5-Minute Adventures – Whitebox

The following is a quick adventure meant to "fill the gaps". My apologizes for the crude map. I did not have proper supplies or hardware and was limited to MSPaint.

If anyone happens to run this adventure please tell me how it went and what improvements I could make to it.

I can be e-mailed at:

 Rats in Well
There always seems to be a place in any long game, a place where the adventure is done, the heroes have completed their tasks, saved the princess, and collected their pay. A place in a game where everyone just mills around, doing their shopping and the Referee is desperately trying to figure out how to introduce his flock to their next employer.
That is the purpose of the five-minute adventures. A simple, quick adventure that can take place anywhere in the Referee’s world urban or rural.
These adventures will not follow standard layout for adventures or modules as they are meant to be quickly copy-pasted from the Genius Loci Blog.

Bone Spiders - Generic Creatures for any setting

Bone Spider Hit Dice:3 to 6+2 Armor Class:  3 [16] Attacks: Bite (1d6+2) Saving Throw: 11 Special: Piercing weapons due half damage, 25% magic Resistance, Regenerate, Surprise, Undead, Web Alignment: Neutral Challenge Level/XP:  4 - 6/120 - 400

Bone Spiders are malign spirits who form their bodies from the bones of the dead and who haunt the ancient barrows, tombs, bone pits and crypts of the world growing and gaining power as they add more bones (fresh and ancient) to their form. Bone Spiders are always hungry, are always thirsty and will devour all living things they encounter in the places they call home and slightly beyond. A Bone Spider cannot be truly destroyed as it is a spirit inhabiting a manifested form. If  a Bone Spider is defeated it will manifest in a new lesser form (3HD) in 1d6 days after its defeat and return to the work of devouring and growing.

Wirry-Carle - Creatures of Eira Preview

In Celtic folklore the Wirry-Carle or Wirry- Cowe are a malevolent fae spirit that serves much the same purpose as bugbears and goblins in Northern Europe. As such there is little definitive information about these creatures as they morph to become whatever the teller of a tale needs them to be.
In Eira however …
… The Wirry-Carle are a race of barbaric demi-humans who make their home in the highlands of Eira and in the barrowlands of the western coast. They are slim, emaciated looking creatures standing approximately 5 feet tall, with stooped, backs and long clawed hands. They see all other races as enemies but rarely do more than village raids and caravan ambushes.
Wirry-Carle are a vicious race who believe that they were once as beautiful as the Au-Sidhe until they were tricked by the Night Queen of the Un-Sidhe and cursed with their horrid forms. They hold an extraordinary hatred of Au-Sidhe, Un-Sidhe and any with even a hint of Sidhe blood.
Wirry Carle Hit Dice: 1 Armor Class:  7 [12] A…

Dual propose

New kitchen table or new site of Saturday night games?

Quick Note: Avarice and Ambition Delayed

Unforunately due to how late in the week I got my printed copy of A&A back I do not have a review ready for the game. I find this unfortunate because I was really looking forward to talking about about all the exciting things I keep uncovering.

I am hoping I can finish up tonight or tomorrow and have it posted by Sunday. Once again, I apologize for falling behind.

Addendum to Grate Tentacles & Stone Hold (Night) – Nidhog preview

A small addendum to Grate Tentacles that fall in with the creature’s special ability “Grapple” and the appearance of the creature.
The grappled target of the Grate Tentacle can break free of the grapple with a successful saving throw.
Grate Tentacles will appear suddenly and randomly, granting the creature surprise in initiative.

In the Nidhog short adventure I am struggling away at for +Erik Tenkar’s upcoming fan-zine (I am very worried I will not meet deadline at this point), there exists a small town in the foothills near “The Hall”. I currently do not plan for the town to be a big part of the adventure and see it more like the Keep in Keep on the Borderlands. However, if the PCs stay one night a randomized event could happen, below is a sample of that.
If the party decides to rest in Stone Hold until morning they have three options:
1.The Broken Heft: A small inn near the edge of town. Rooms run for 1gp, however, The Broken Heft does not serve food and lacks a stable. a.Droud …