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The Azure Tower, The Physician and The Assistant - Places of Azure Marsh Preview

A few weeks ago I revealed some information on the town of Azure Marsh in the northern valleys of the Land of Eira. That information was on the haven of scum and villainy known as The Half Blind Crow. Today I continue to reveal some of Azure Marsh with a preview of the town's must enigmatic denizen. The Arch-Mage known only as "The Physician"

This is copyrighted material of Genius Loci so I ask that you don't try to pass it off as your own. Still I hope everyone find this entertaining and wets the mouth for the eventual release of "The Mad Magus' Tomb".

The Azure Tower is a blue, five-storey tower located on a small island about a half a mile off of the coast of Azure Marsh. Legend states that the tower appeared mysteriously during the night fifty years ago. That night, the older locals will say, was one of thunder and strange noises and flashes of light never seen before. Once a stone bridge linked the town of Azure Marsh to the island but that was shattered long along. The bridge's blackened remains stand as a reminder of the long ago violence. The Tower serves as home to a mysterious wizard and as a light house, a magical light blue light always spinning from its roof.
                - The Physician is an older human with shoulder length silver hair combed back from his forehead. He does not wear the robes typical of other human mages, but instead dresses in darkly colored coats and pants. The Physician tends to take a stake in the happenings of the land around Loch Sevel, but never directly.

Human Mage: AL Neutral; Move 30'; AC -5 [25]; HD 9+8; #ATK 2; DMG 1d4 & spells. Note: The Physician can access spells like a 20th level mage. Gains +2 spells per level.

                -The Assistant is a young human woman who as her name implies assists the Physician in his various studies, tasks and research. A perky fun loving girl, The Assistant is more-than-likely to speak candidly about her and the Physician's previous adventures across the realms of the Au-Sidhe and Un-Sidhe.

Human Female: AL Law; Move 30'; 5 [14]; HD 3+1; #ATK 1; DMG 1d6 plus special. Note: The Assistant uses a Sonic Spell Wand with 10,000 charges and causes 1d6 damage. The Sonic Spell Wand has a 70% chance (save negates) to stun the target for one round. 


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