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Enbarr - Creatures of Eira Preview

Legends speak of the Enbarr, a race of horse from the Eternal Lands of the Au-Sidhe, rare in Eira but glimpsed in fear dream. Long and limber of limb, with flowing manes the color of lightening, the Enbarr flies across the land, faster than a Pixie's flight, more silent than a Un-Sidhe assassin and hearty than any exotic Dwarf. Only once in the memory of the world did a human mount and ride an Enbarr.

Fada, son of the first King of Men, betrothed to the least of the Sidhe's daughters, to win the hand of the  Lorei Princess, did Fada steal his way into the Eternal Lands and with gift of heart's blood and solemn oath did he gain the mount of Aobarr, the chief of the Enbarr. Over cloud, ocean, ice and grass did Fada and Aobarr travel through the lands man and Sidhe to the darkness of the Otherworld, seat of the Un-Sidhe ...

Enbarr a rare, intelligent fae horse from the Eternal Lands of the fae, an old and sufficiently intelligent Enbarr has the ability to cast spells equal according to its age. The Enbarr have the ability to speak telepathically, but lack the ability to read or influence the thoughts of others. 

The age of an Enbarr affects their hit dice, and ability to cast spells.

Roll a six sided dice to determine the age of the Enbarr:

1. Foal - 2 hit dice, average of 2 hit points per dice. Cannot cast spells, telepathic voice is weak and may not be heard by non-Enbarr.
2. Yearling - 4 hit dice, average of 4 hit points per dice. Cannot cast spells, telepathic voice ranges from weak to screaming to non-Enbarr.
3. Colt/Filly - 6 Hit dice, average 6 hit points per dice. Can cast up to second level spells with a 60% success rate.
4. Mare/Stallion - 8 Hit dice, average of 8 hit points per dice. Can cast up to second level spells with a 80% success rate.
5. Gelding - 8 Hit dice, average of 8 hit points per dice. Can cast up to third level spells with a 80%  success rate.
6. Elder - 10 Hit dice, average of 10 hit points per dice. Can cast up to sixth level spells with a 100% success rate.

Hit Dice: Dependent on Age
Armor Class: 2 [17]
Attacks: 2 Hoof Bash [1d6], Bite [1d6]
Saving Throw: 14 - 6 Dependent on Age
Special: Dependent on Age may be able to cast spells. See Below
Alignment: Neutral
Challenge Level/XP: Challenge Level =HD+2/XP =Hit Dice 500xHD

Enbarr and Spell Casting:

Enbarr's as old as Colt/Filly to Elder can cast spells with a success rate equal to that listed in their age description. The number of spells an Enbarr may cast is equal to 1d4+HD. The result is equal to the total number of spells known by the Enbarr. The number of spells per spell level is the domain of the Referee.

Enbarr and riders:

The Enbarr are a wild creature and do not take lightly to being mounted by other races. If anyone attempts to mount an Enbarr without the express permission of the Enbarr the creature will attack it's would-be rider. Enbarr who allow others to mount and ride it do so only under dire circumstances and typically only once.


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